Very Embarrassing Ladies


That’s fine. We lost 2016. Will try again in 2018 and 2020. I still believe time is on our side.

Need to recruit Michelle Obama for 2020. Don’t see anyone on the D side who can take down the R’s.

The parallel I keep going back to is Prop 187. It was passed with 2/3 majority back in 1994, to deny government services to illegal immigrants. That issue galvanized a whole generation of people. Except for the Governator the R’s have not won any state wide office in CA since.

Where CA leads the nation follows. The demographic trend is a slow moving train. But it’s destiny nonetheless. 2016 we don’t have the numbers yet. In 10 years we will.


I am stunned to hear such comment from another lady.
If his disrepectful comments toward woman, people with disabilites, and minority groups don’t matter to you at all, what would matter to you?


A lot of women are more rational than they’re given credits for. They look past the language of their candidates and focus more on issues. A few of my female friends voted for Trump. I applaud their independent thinking and the courage to vote for what they think is right for the country, regardless of whether I agree with their decisions.


For the exact same reasons that @john stated. Again I don’t take things at face value.



We males can’t ever win… we get reemed for being sexist pigs, blah, blah, blah…then when we think we are doing the right thing by voting for what we thought was the more experienced person (who happens to be a woman) we end up getting chewed out for not voting for the sexist pig…wow


People don’t want a choir boy or girl president, but Trump is a narcissistic idiot. …being anti establishment is not a qualification to govern. …Hopefully he will listen to qualified advisors…but if his administration is like his campaign I doubt it…Everyone on this forum is more qualified in domestic and foreign affairs than the Trumpster. …


Well, let’s play the hand that we have been dealt with…I am rooting for him, because frankly, that is all we got. We are hearing about protests already before the body even gets life and that is not what this country needs right now.


Here, @harriet, one of your peers speaks out…


I’m a bit dismayed at the title of this thread and the pointed questions being asked of @Terri and @harriet.

Having said that, I’m fascinated by the reasoning you two give for Trump’s support. Not in a negative way. but I never thought along those lines. One question I have is, did you or would you have supported Trump over all the others that ran in the primaries? Feel free to PM me your answers but I’m really curious how support Trump inherently had!


Hi @Vinny,

Since I am the OP, the title was to grab attention and to get response activity but I stand by it. My god, there is rioting and protesting across the country as we speak when the body has not started to even breathe an ounce of official President air. When was the last time that happened after a candidate won???

On the second part about the pointed questions, we are anonymous and while I will let the ladies speak for themselves I like to think we are “close enough” to banter about and ask questions. If the ladies were truly upset, I of course apologize. We come here to learn while occasionally have some fun too. That is my take on it anyway…


The ones rioting for anything are almost always sore losers. To act out just because someone won an election fair and square is a definite sign. I don’t care about them one bit.

Anonymous or not, it’s my rule on the internet. Talk to one another just like you’d do in meatspace. :wink:


Put it this way, the difference between me and them is the same as why I believe in RE ownership and they don’t.


I voted for him in the primary. I used to register as an independent but I changed my registration to Republican just to vote in the primary for him. Ted Cruz/John Kasich? Oh please…


Demographics are changing to be sure, but the election results also show that they don’t determine individual behavior. I just think that people who don’t wish to be stereotyped by their demographic should also think twice about doing the same when judging the capacity of potential leaders.


Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I personally don’t think it was that bad at all (for an open, anonymous forum). Direct questions were asked and if the person to whom those questions were directed respectfully declined to answer and said so as much and if it ended there for the most part who are you to be overly concerned? Don’t worry, these ladies are more than capable of speaking up for themselves. Debates get heated…sheet happens… You want some fireworks, go visit my old thread on H-1B visas. Some of those exchanges from passionate folks were really doozies…:grin:


I would not have supported either Hillary or Trump in the primaries. I’m very surprised Trump made it at all. I’m not surprised at Hillary as I do believe that race was rigged for her to a large extent. I would much rather have seen Bernie running even though I am not a socialist. He’s Bought, but I don’t think he’s Corrupt. I can believe that he genuinely cared about his constituency even though I might not like his policies.


As a guy work in tech, from the era i study in high school , college and work, Majority of us male talk things about woman in our lifetime when we hang out. My female friend talk same stuff about guys same way when they get together too.


Before I got married, I used to hang out with a lot of guys, and I worked in groups that were all guys and me. Frankly I preferred it–had enough trouble with girl-cliques in high school, it was refreshing.

Believe me, I have heard a lot! From my boyfriend warning me never to date his best friend because “He only wants to bed women” to a coworker telling me why he took the boss (who had just broken up) to a strip club and defending it as healthy for him. I’ve learned quite a bit on how to identify guys I would never let my daughter date and not to be surprised at anything.

Trump’s comment in and of itself doesn’t bother me, especially since it is the media’s job to dig up the absolutely most horrible thing he’s ever said. If Trump acted on his comments with women he was not dating who were not trying to seduce him, it bothers me. Unfortunately, the Clintons actions are worse than Trump’s accusations–Hillary is married to a rapist who will almost certainly be hanging out in the White House with not much to do, and she has and will continue to cover for his infidelities. You can complain all you want about Trump, but I don’t honestly see the Clintons as having a high ground in this issue.

I fully support a webcam in the oval office :P. And I also expect Trump not to be an idiot and to keep his hands to himself and not embarrass the US. I hope this backlash over his comments will keep him from crossing any lines during his presidency.


Manch… been mulling over this. First, the best role model your kids can have is you and your wife. If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves. If you tell them that they can be the POTUS, they just have to work really hard, they will believe you.

Second, I can accept why it would be important to you to have a woman as a president–and there are examples across the globe of such women–but unfortunately, Hillary’s success is in her husband’s tracks. Without him, she’d never had made it this far. Maybe she’d be a senator from Arkansas. Maybe.

It’s not the lesson we really want for our daughters is it? That the way you become a successful woman is to marry a man, stick with him as he rises in power and popularity even if he is an unfaithful dickhead, and then create your own career after you’ve made contact with enough of his colleagues or his Kingship made you Queen? Not the example of a successful woman I want my daughter to grow up with. It’s worse than a Disney princess movie!

There are some very successful CEOs and CFOs. Inspire your kids with them. Maybe you could arrange a meeting with Cheryl Sandberg or something. There are also entrepreneurship programs just for girls. SF has a lot of opportunities and a lot of good mentors for rising young women.


@Terri, as father of two young girls, I thank you for your answer!!