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Another good article on “having it all”:


I am all for girls and boys settle on whatever paths they want. I just don’t like how society closes those paths on their behalf because of systemic biases. As recently as a century ago women can’t vote in this country. I am sure if you go look at the newspaper of that time there would be full of arguments why women should not have the votes, how they are not capable of choosing the country’s leader. The deck is against women and the so-called free choice is not so free after all. That’s what makes me mad.


I found the trans article! Go to Act 2. This is a fascinating study in what hormones can do to your brain:

"Griffin Hansbury: Something that happened after I started taking testosterone, I became interested in science. I was never interested in science before.

Alex Blumberg: No way. Come on. Are you serious?

Griffin Hansbury: I’m serious. I’m serious.

Alex Blumberg: You’re just setting us back a hundred years, sir.

Griffin Hansbury: I know I am. I know. Again, and I have to have this caveat in here, I cannot say it was the testosterone. All I can say is that this interest happened after T. There’s BT and AT, and this was definitely After T. And I became interested in science. I found myself understanding physics in a way I never had before."


I agree with you.


Personally, I never found the door closed. My mother didn’t either (she was a math/science nerd in a private girls’ school, but the school helped her pursue her interests). I also don’t see people closing doors for my kids based on gender, but if I do, I’ll be sure to give them a good talking to :slight_smile:

But I also would hate to see a generation of girls pushed towards engineering and math if they’re not really interested. To me, it’s like trying out veggies. I tell my kids that they have to eat a bite. If they don’t like it, then they don’t have to have more. Offer, but let them decide.

What I do see, though, is people closing off math options to gifted kids. That’s the only thing I’ve seen, and it’s not a girl/guy thing. It’s an age thing. Drives me nuts. It’s ok to be a piano virtuoso at age 14, but you (and your parents) are treated with suspicion if you want to take Calculus at 14. You can be reading Harry Potter in 2nd grade and they say “Oh, she’s such a good reader, isn’t it great that she’s reading Harry Potter”, but if your kid is doing 5th grade math in 2nd grade, “We don’t believe in accelerating kids in math–they may look ahead but they don’t really know what they’re doing.” I get that teachers think every parent thinks highly of their kids, but statistically, you’re going to get one of those kids once in a while, so keep an open mind!


This could be true but I am big fan of Dr.Carol S. Dweck and firm believer of “Growth Mindset”. :slight_smile:

From Mindset by Dr.Carol S. Dweck,

In this brilliant book, Dweck shows how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we approach our goals. People with a fixed mindset—those who believe that abilities are fixed—are far less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset—those who believe that abilities can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and mentorship. Mindset reveals how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can put this idea to use to foster outstanding accomplishment.


If my reply make you seem like a sexist, I am sorry.
I don’t think you are a sexist.
As you clarified, you evaluate all of your colleagues and employees without thinking about their race,gender and etc.

I just wanted to point out that many people unconsciously stereotypes on one group or another (probably including myself) and it could have bad influence on the people who belong to that group without even realizing it.

However, your comment made me consider again if I am overly sensitive on this issue or not.
I guess I may be.

I hope you don’t leave this fantastic forum because of my or anyone else’s reply. We are just speaking from our own perspective sometimes misunderstanding what others really meant.


OMG, this came out fairly quickly…


I’ve mentioned this before but - 25 years in the life sciences and it’s chock full of women, both in the labs and in management. I think part of the apparent disparity is that women find the prospect of getting someone up out of a wheelchair more exciting than creating a new ap for social media.


Hey I read that book too. Big fan.


I struggle with how people can be anti rent control but pro Obamacare. It’s all socialism. I guess socialism Is bad on the local level, but it’s good on the national level.


As of next year my premiums will have risen 103% since 2013. My co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums also went up. Some preventive services were cut once they had to be offered “for free.” So no fan here.


Yes I think that’s one angle. Recently I heard an interview with an AI lab director of Stanford. She was doing some CS summer camps for girls. She said once she put some social element in the programming projects the girls are much more engaged. For example an AI project to help patients in a hospital communicate is much more engaging to them than programming a chess game.

But 99% of the CS curriculum is set up by men, and they draw from their own past experience of what appeal to them. So you see lots of emphasis on feeds and speed and nothing on how it helps people and the environment.

US is not Afghanistan. We will not close doors completely on any groups of people. But we “nudge” them in different ways. That’s what I meant by systemic biases.


That makes a lot of sense to me!

The funniest game of chess that I ever played was with a Kindergarten girl. Half the Kindergarten had joined the after school chess program–she wasn’t the only girl, and there were an odd number of kids, so I stayed and played a game with the odd lady out.

As she made her moves (very slowly), she explained to me how she and her cousin had been playing a game of chess, and she made this move (explanation) and that move (explanation) and… I sat there thinking “Auuuuuugh! Please just stop talking and MOVE!” but it really taught me something about the social side of girls (at the time mine was just a baby). Now I see the same thing with my daughter. She loves games, but the social interaction is clearly a main part of it. I doubt if she’d enjoy a solo game. Even if she’s playing a game on her ipad, she wants to sit next to me while doing it.


Ditto! Glad to have you here dioworld. Would hate to see you go :frowning:


Thank you . Being a chinese and an immigrant for almost 30 years, I have been discriminated many many times, worse times are the times when i first come to this country. Black/white , all race discriminates against chinese back then. especially in middle school. After all these years, Whenever people go against me, i don’t first think of people discriminate me because i’m chinese.

One thing i really absolutely hate obama is during the 8 years, I believe he is the one created all these hates between race/sex, instead of treating these white cop shooting case by case, he love to bring out the race card. How about just saying let’s trust our legal system, if the white cop did the illegal shooting on a black man, he will be prosecuted. The black man will get his justice in court. Instead he keep bringing out race, race , race… I think this is what causing people so sensitive these days, It’s him keep repeating it on TV, every little thing is about the color of the skin .

I’m sorry for this long post, but i just have to write it. even back in the days i don’t see different race so diverted like today. Even under bush the so call worse president ever in the united states.


How about me? I’m a sexist, a jerk and an anti-establishment rebel. I told my wife that I shall be the one making all the major decisions. As a concession, she can decide what decisions are considered major.



and Check

Looks like Presidential material to me…:grin:


If STEM didn’t pay more, no one would care that women aren’t as interested in it. Do you see anyone talking about lack of women in skilled trades? Those are some of the highest paying jobs you can get without a degree. However, they aren’t glamorous, so no one cares very few women pursue them.


Hum, let’s see. I want you to stay. :slight_smile: