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Not all supporters of trump are racists. But many of them are. Those who aren’t chose to support trump did so in spite of trumps racist views.

Now that trump’s won the election it’s up to him to heal the wound. So far I have not seen any effort on his part. The more he stays silent or even stokes the racial hatred the more divided our nation will become.


Plenty of white hating racists of the left, too…It is too bad all discourse is subject to the racist blackball card…As soon as you are called a racist, all discussion stops…

I don’t think Trump is a racist…Just ignorant of all the tiggers that pc people see as racist…He is an insentive jerk…But a lot of his supporters are sick of being called racist. …when most just don’t see the world through a minority persons view…It is clear that urban and rural America have little in common and view events through different filters. Just like Congress where only 25 seats are ever contested we have become a highly polarised society. …once you leave the BA you immediately are in Trump territory. .In Eldorado county Mclintock and Trump got huge majorities. … only 100 miles from the liberal BA…Same in Nevada…Vegas is controlled by unions and minorities, the rest of the state is Trump territory , except for parts of Reno…


If you plan to vote for a politician who is impeccable, you will end up voting for nobody. People have to figure out what’s important for them, and find one who’s best aligned with their interest. This is actually more difficult than a lot of people thought, especially during a very emotional election.


I love how absurd it is that everything gets resolved by calling each other racist. The reason why this country is becoming more and more divided is because people keep playing the race/gender card. Obama has been promoting this for the past eight years and this was a very bad move on his part.


Look what happened when Hillary played the sexist card…It blew up in her face…Trump started trotting out Bill’s issues. …Trump is an opportunistic asshole…he used Reagan Democrats, racists, religious groups and others…He doesn’t care about any of them…In fact he doesn’t even care about immigration or abortion. …Hopefully he cares about tax reform and rebuilding America. …He will have a very short time to get anyrhing done …He will need to get a few issues resolved quickly or like Obama he will get little done and lose the House and Senate in two years. .There is no way he can get his whole 100 day agenda completed. .He should pick items he can win fast…He is all about winning…We will need to see some early wins, otherwise he will be the biggest loser in history. .


At my work my team 4/5 are all immigrants from phillipine, china, and are voting for trump. From middle school, i get discrimate all my life. Personally I truely don’t think trump is a racist, sexist. He’s more cist against stupid and ugly people, which is bad. If you look at how he uses people , he put his line in a woman Kellyanne Conway. If he truely was sexist, i would not believe he will trust to put a woman into that important position(and she was pro immigration reform). Also he just appointed peter thiel, an open gay for his transitional team. If you look at the people donald trump uses vs hillary uses. Talent wise it’s not even close. As a manager i’m not smart, but i like to hire smart people because i’m stupid so the smart people can help me to do the work i’m not smart enough to do.

we are the quiet supporter because we get bullied all the time, once we voice our opinion , people are saying we are racist, sexist. whatever. But i’m just like a typical chinese, most of us don’t believe anything gov said(if you watch china, hk, everything gov said is pretty bs), we were lied all our live from gov, media. We look into what is Actually happened. Pretty much the worse thing against trump is that video about grabbing some pxxxy. Well unfortunately i have not known any guys that hasn’t said something this bad or worse especially when they get drunk. Even my wife told me girls pretty much the same behind doors.

Please call me racist, sexist. I’m already getting used to it. Thank you and i’m not hating hillary supporter.


And one more thing , if you look at how trump won the counties, it’s not even close
So hillary get win big in rich main city areas and while trump wins pretty much everywhere.
So aren’t we suppose to be love not hate? we are the very fortunate ones in the main city while majority of the United States suffer and wants a change?


It is amazing how massively red the county map is and how ignorant big city liberals are of the issues in red counties.And how little they reflect on their own flaws and the contempt the silent majority has for big city corruption. .Jonathon Pie and Listen Liberal got it right…Being sanctimonious and accussing the right of being racist made all liberal arguments ineffective…Trump cleverly used the national contempt for political correctness and turned liberal intolerance into a weapon of mass destruction. …
Voting for Gary Johnson allows me to be neutral…but I hope Trump gets stuff done…We need a government that can actually get shit accomplished


It’s plain sad to see how blame and accusation overtook any attempt at substantial discussion of platforms. The election was run on emotion and the results show that the voting was, too. Anger is still brewing and nobody really knows what to expect. We elected a black box, one that is not pretty in my eyes. Deeply hope the American public is strong enough to pull together and takes this chance to make it real during this transition. There will be a learning curve for everyone.


Hillary is on her way to win the popular vote by 1.5 to 2%, the widest gap ever for split result befeeen EC and popular vote. So call it what it is. “Silent majority” it certainly is not.


People vote, dirt doesn’t. A giant sea of red doesnt mean much if you remember there are more people in the cities than ever. That’s the whole urbanization trend.

We have touched on this topic in this forum a couple times. Some people think with modern communication tools we should be able to spread the work to flyover states which should lower labor costs. But I argue the opposite trend is taking hold. Cities are more important than ever. We see that in the local Bay Area economy. Start ups are coming to the most expensive bit of the region: San Francisco.

Over time more opportunities than ever will be found only in big cities. Urbanization will be more pronounced. If current voting pattern holds, expect to see blue dots in sea of red for the foreseeable future.


The silent majority exists in 90% of the US counties. .The noisy minority is rioting now in 4 cities…doing their cause no good…


Where are you getting your numbers from? As far as I can tell, she got 600K extra votes out of 120M which is 0.5%



Obviously not everyone who voted for trump is racist, but some certainly are and he definitely sought out heir votes. No doubt some Clinton voters are racist but at least she had the wherewithal not to court their votes (at least in public)

If you don’t believe there are real racists in this country, and the majority of them voted for trump, then you are just being willfully dishonest


This might be true, but the tone is very misleading at best. Read this link and if somebody wrote the following:

Obviously not everyone who voted for Hillary is convicted felon, but some certainly are, and the Democrats definitely sought out their votes. No doubt some Trump votes are convicted felons but at least he had the wherewithal not to court their votes(at least in public).
If you don’t believe there are convicted felons in this country and the majority of them voted for Hillary, then you are just being willfully dishonest.

Does it sound ridiculous?


Trump clearly said some racist things. So we can argue whether his intent was racist or rather as @elt1 said, he’s just an insensitive jerk. I can see both sides’ points.

But because of his status, being the next President of the United States, he has normalized racist behavior. Some people now think it’s OK to say and do racist things. When was the last time KKK came out to celebrate a president elect? I don’t recall that many swastika signs after Bush won election. I just did a casual google news search on swastika:

We Asians should not get too smug, thinking it’s mostly other people’s problems. Hate incidents against Asians also shot up after Trump win:

Again, I can see the argument that Trump himself is not racist, that he just said insensitive stupid crap. But he has normalized racism in a way not acceptable just 2 years ago. As President, his words matter a great deal.


How much of this KKK stuff is true I do not know, but I am not ruling out the fact that someone is trying to create chaos in this country because the election results didn’t go as planned. Kind of like what happened here:


Here is another one:

How much of this is true I don’t know, but there are two sides to everything.


What the heck is Looks like a phishing site…