Virtual Furniture

$32 per picture. Much cheaper than staging…

Do they come and take real pictures onsite and then edit picture to add furniture? Do you need to send them unfurnished pictures first? We can use this for rental properties as well.

When you a new house, can they give you a design with recommended furnitures? I find that home furnishing is also an art and it’s very time consuming

May be cheaper but is it effective? I say no. Unless you are someone who would literally buy online, this is pointless. Most people still go and attend an open house. Spend the money and stage it for real for present as well as online buyers.

Maybe do a hybrid? Stage for real some important rooms, but do virtual on the rest?

Kitchen and living rooms definitely stage for real. But bathrooms, bedrooms and outside? Not as important.

Yeah, but from your vast experiences in life what would be the cost be of doing something halfway or 2/3 of the way relative to just doing the whole thing at once? Probably close enough that you end up just saying oh just do the whole house. Think about it, workers have to haul out or make a run to the house already, so a load (granted smaller) is still a load. And the clock is usually in play, so why engage with two separate outfits when you can just say, company X, just go stage it (entirely) and I need it done by Y?

I have never sold a place where staging was needed, but I have to admit (after going to so many open houses) it is probably worth it on certain types of homes. If remodeled to the gills, absolutely. The relatively small cost of staging will be recouped handsomely. Now, a fixer or a cheap house? Absolutely not. Price point dictates a lot as to how much staging you should do.

Wow I’m impressed… they must do real rendering not just pasting in photoshop. Lighting lines up too well for cut paste. Might have to withdraw my comment on your other thread

I think it would work if you have the renders printed out at the open house. It still won’t have the same visceral effect of “wow this is nice!” That can push buyers subconsciously.

Any time someone skimps out on photography and presentation I wonder what else they neglected. If you can’t even do a quick paint before an open house, you probably have some problems

Staging is still pretty rare outside of SF. Even expensive locales like San Jose I am surprised many don’t see the point of staging.

Well, people are cheap and may not be willing or able to shell out another few grand if they already did some remodeling especially. And of course, people here have been spoiled into thinking that the house will sell itself anyway so why spend more? Well, you want to spend more to PERHAPS get an even higher price of course there is no guarantee that will happen

I guess if you are selling a $2million staging is cheap as a percentage. $200k, it can be a few percent!

Right, that’s why I said it really depends on the type of home one is selling. Fixer, low end home no need to stage - price alone will attract the buyers. Higher end homes, harder to sell, needs the bling bling in order to “justify” the higher price point and/or show how the house would really shine if furnished correctly. No guessing needed, here it is.

Mary Tan pays for staging and home inspection. Free advice on how to do minor home improvements to boost house value.

Uh, @hanera, this was one of Mary’s listings in Cupertino. If you call this good staging, I got a 58 story tower in SF that is in pristine condition to sell you…

South and East Bay houses seldom do staging, even for prices in the 1M+ range. Heck I think I saw houses selling for 2M+ with no staging. Meanwhile pretty much every self respecting listing agent in SF does staging, even for houses selling for under 1M.

City folks vs “rural” folks I guess…

So far, haven’t seen Mary Tan markets crappy houses. Address?

Uh, I GOT IT FROM HER WEBSITE!!! What do you take me for, an amateur???

18631 Runo Ct. Cupertino

In her website, the first house I grabbed. Not impressed at all…

Let’s face it, the Chinese are cheapskates. This kind of virtual furniture should be a big hit for them.

Obviously you do it if you think the added expense will give that extra something or pop to a property that either needs it or it just completes the look of a nice property. You don’t get another chance to make a great first impression, so why not do it when warranted?

Yeah, that’s the logic. But reality is many don’t do it. And I say among Chinese sellers the percentage is even lower. They just can’t get past the initial investment hurdle.

Fixer upper, the best staging is to clean the house, remove all furniture and open all window blinds to let light in. Seller probably doesn’t want to put in any $ to touch up the house… normally, Mary Tan suggest some changes to make the house look cool.