We Are in Bear Market


People are going nuts about “slowdown” but still saying growth will be over 3%. 28/32 quarters under Obama had GDP growth under 3%. 19/32 quarters were under 2%.


Politically, a slowdown to 2.6% with full employment doesn’t hurt anyone. But stock price will go down


wuqijun won’t sell it. wuqijun and hanera is famous for holding long !


Only for AAPLs, VFINIX and VOO :slight_smile:
VOO didn’t go down much? So didn’t trigger GTC buys because many defensive stocks are up :slight_smile:

I owned every counters listed below.


Why Indians? No reason.


Selling TEVA or SOLD?


Haven’t sell any stocks yet :blush:

Most H1Bs are Indians and their wives are H4s, now they are hesitating to buy. Any change of companies or location runs the risk of losing H1B status. God know, immigration may take the opportunity to disapprove.


Why would Indians stay here, wait for a decade or two and still not get citizenship? They could just go to Canada, work for the same American tech firms and get citizenship in a fraction of the time?


Canada is too cold. Indians like tropical climate.


Coz, the good ones make around $300k-$700k per household on average. Pretty sure the train is starting with some people move back to India. Pretty ridiculous to think 15 years of tech experience with no green card.


If you have Canadian citizenship you can easily get a TN-1 visa that allows you to work in US and make that money.


Thats not sustainable and practical raising a family shuttling between countries for work. Once you had enough with US, you just move back home and explore stuff.


Unsure if fewer buyers or slow season or other issues with this house right opposite the Cupertino High School. Dropped from 1.85 to 1.6 in one month.


I was once in H1-B limbo myself. I was afraid to switch company or join a startup. I am not that sharp an engineer but still that’s a waste of human talent. I could have contributed more and made more. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands and the waste is outrageous.


4 beds in 1000sf?
I guess this house is teardown, which is not popular in slow market.
Besides, it is in rancho riconada(the least desirable area in Cupertino) and next to high school, which is also a negative factor.

Anyway, with many tech stock tanked, how can we not expect correction in BA RE?
My strategy from now on will be “no selling no buying”. I will keep my assets where they are until things are getting clearer while working harder to secure my regular income. :pensive:


Is your no selling no buying for stocks as well?

Earlier this year, when I see Jane and other folks buying houses, I was wondering whether we are going to run out of buyers. Maybe it’s true that we have run out of high quality buyers. Of course, running out is a relative term, it just means reduced pent up demand.

IMHO, the crazy housing climax was April 2018. Hope the slowdown will be orderly and not scary.

Since April, price has fallen by 10% at least. It happened beyond my expectation. Maybe it’s still a good time to sell, but I will just hold forever probably.


Rancho has been changing a lot. Lots of old houses being replaced with Mcmansions. Plus Main street with it’s new restaurants is a huge draw. You can’t even find parking on weekdays.
But agreed - Im guessing too that the house is a teardown. There were no inside pictures.


:grinning: hopefully lower quality is not much lower, otherwise RE would torpedo :pensive:


I am frankly frightened by how fast stock price can change recently.
I thought that i could sell quickly if i sense something wrong but realize that i can’t.
I still think tech stock will recover eventually although it may take some time. I guess it is best for me to forget about it for a while.


Nobody can. Is why the advice sell once you reach your target and ok to sell too early.