We Are in Bear Market


If you want to do no sell no buy, you better sell all the stocks and buy houses. It’s dangerous to hold tech stocks but forget about them. Tech stocks are high maintenance babies, they don’t do well without monitoring.


I thought you never sell?


Amazon shot up for no reason and will come down for no reason. Stocks are played with emotion. Too irrational to predict.


Micron now has PE 3.01. Very yummy. Maybe later this week we will see a 2 handle.


I’m thinking about pulling the trigger if it does get to that point.


I am quoting what I read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



On the other hand…



So many theories… I’m so lost I don’t know what to do!!! :rofl:


Short answer: nobody knows. Everybody is just BS’ing. :smile:


Godfather is more beliveable. He speaks honestly


Bear market or not? How come so green?




Bear markets usually have the most exciting bounce backs. But maybe “this time is different”? :smile:


Some may call it bull trap :stuck_out_tongue:


How to tell whether it is a bull trap or a reversal day?

Start of Santa Claus rally?


This is false bear market as economic indicators are good and company results are good.

See my FB remark other thread, I bought FB (100) now and today AMZN (10) and TEVA (1000) too. With this I am 100% invested my money, no more purchases


My SPY technical chart given two bottoms over and next week elections, market will continue to gradually go up (with UPs and Downs)

This is again my own analysis, nothing guaranteed about stock market.


When shops start having Christmas decorations? Santa is still sleeping.


I have more FB :slight_smile: 200.
In one stroke, you own more AMZN 10 vs mine 3.
You added TEVA? Thought you have a lot already. I own 2500.