We Are in Bear Market


That is the reason why I said forget about FA and TA, trust the leadership. Trust Steve, Tim, Elon, Mark… look at those 10x stocks, find out who are the CEOs, COOs , critical guys. Do some scuttlebutt. Assess their integrity and competency. Then tell us which one.

In 1997-8, we know Steve and Jony were :+1: officially. from scuttle butt, you would realize Tim and Peter were also :+1:


Steve is vastly different from Tim and Mark.

Elon and Steve has some similarities but Steve doesn’t use Drug


Amzn was public in 1998 and you could’ve had it for $8. Just buy your favorite tech stocks now. These days, it is FANG, ANT, and BAT. :wink:


I feel that FANG, ANT and BAT will underperform housing and sp500 from 2018 to 2028


You are absolutely clueless and in 20 years you will have nothing to brag about your wretched life.


Maybe. But you do not have any superstar stocks to recommend right now. Let us know when you find one.

I’m not good at finding a good stock. But I am good at telling which stock will underperform. And that brings no profit :rofl:


Basket case.


By the time anybody finds one (and able to prove it to you with concrete evidence) it’d be too late. Luck plays a huge part in generating wealth.


I’m an early adopter of new ideas. If you promote a really stock in its early years, most likely I would buy


This is wrong, some of the companies excel very well and continue to grow faster than S&P 500 and Housing too. Higher confidence 10 years on FANGs and companies like TSLA & BA.

See for example: hanera bought AAPL 1998, but warren buffet bought few years before at $99.

I was out of stocks between year 2000 and year 2012, but resumed stocks from 2012. Year after year, gain is 20% or more.

If you promote a really stock in its early years, most likely I would buy=> No one will inform you, it is up to you to find the stocks on your own and buy it just like you seek your own home/rental.

It is pretty hard to know the stocks early period onwards. That is the main reason, people follow innovators/leaders Steve, Tim, Elon, Mark and Gates…Trusting they do it right.

If you still like to go early startup, there are sites where you can get into private shares of many bay area companies (pre-IPO companies). Risk is yours, you need to analyze and decide it, many may wash out and some may come up. You can invest in Robinhood (5B valuation) or Space X (25B valuation)

Sample site is here (Risk is yours) https://equityzen.com/listings/


Today GM results, good dividend payer.


Apple earnings: trick :scream: or treat :rofl:?


IMO, AAPL will match the forecast, expected earnings, not failing when economy is doing fine. My SPY indicator showed we are bottomed two times, I do not think we will have another major dip as we have few market days to elections.

This is pure technical analysis, does not have any fundamental backings.


I disagree. I honestly do not know anyone who is hard working and good about money (meaning investing) who is not financially successful. My contractor was once renting one of my small apartments for 1K a month, living paycheck to paycheck. He continues to learn his craft and trades and manages to save enough to buy a fixer home since I never raised his rent in 10 years. He lives in the fixer, remodels it to accommodate his inlaws whom presumably help pay for the mortgage. Boom, while everyone is just plugging away and working low and behold the property appreciates to nearly 2.5x what he paid. He has so much equity that he could go hunting for more fixers. Now, he has so much work, he calls the shots now, while driving one lovely truck (over $50K spent I think) Luck? No way!


That’s the beauty of real estate in land constrained places like the bay area. You live in them or keep collecting rent and before you know it the house would have appreciated. You don’t have to be lucky enough to have chosen Apple in 90s, and not have sold even though Steve himself was fired.


Stocks are not gambling, neither from luck, but from hard work, understand the company (or founder) details, carefully evaluate chances, invest and grow.

Pre-2000, I was playing with stocks without proper education on stocks, vexed came out.

Post 2012, the very first thing I did was to research google to choose good books, educated myself. The results are positive. I see stability in my returns. The biggest benefit of reading the books is that I get confidence on my decision after my research.

It is hard work that pays my return.


Anecdotes and anchoring personal experience.

All of us want to believe is our hard work and talents :slight_smile: For everyone that is working as hard as you, 99 has failed :slight_smile: to obtain your return.

Princess’ statements are backed by large numbers not a few anecdotes.


It is luck. Many people born with mental disabilities are not able to become successful no matter how hard they try. Also, if you were born in North Korea you would be stuck no matter how smart or hardworking you are. Be grateful with what you have. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time.


Nobody is saying you can sit around, twiddle your thumbs and money will come to you. Preaching to the wrong group.



You have to 谋事

If I’m born in SV, I might be a billionaire, so unlucky :frowning: born in a small nation with a tiny market.