We Are in Bear Market


Don’t think any of the billionaires in SV are actually born in SV…


Just be glad you weren’t born in Mao territory during the Great Chinese Famine.


Bought 1000 shares of Tsla. That was my 谋事… :rofl:


Nothing good to say, don’t write :rage:

Now I’m at my windows, so I wrote the poem below for you review :slight_smile:

床前明月光, Bright shines the Moon before my bed;
疑是地上霜, Methinks ’tis frost upon the earth.
舉頭望明月, I watch the Moon, then bend my head
低頭思故鄉。 And miss the hamlet of my birth.


That’s a starter poem for a 5 year old. Write something with more depth please…


Now I pour myself a glass of red wine,

花間一壺酒。 A cup of wine, under the flowering trees;
獨酌無相親。 I drink alone, for no friend is near.
舉杯邀明月。 Raising my cup I beckon the bright moon,
對影成三人。 For he, with my shadow, will make three men.

SJ born in SV :slight_smile:


Beyond 10M, unless it is lottery ticket kind of luck !!

There are plenty of corporates, US is full of corporate business, every CEO/President is working hard to earn their millions/multi-millions.

Those are not coming from Las Vegas for luck plays !


What a thankless job. This is what I get for portraying your story in a better light. It’s a miracle that I am still surviving, poor me :pensive:


Is it luck or hard work?



I remember one time I went to China around 1987. It was some small village and one teenager just kept bugging me and talked to me in English. He said he knew we were from Hong Kong so he wanted to practice his English with us.

That kid would have been top of class anywhere in the world given the drive he had. But he was born in a poor rural village in China with few opportunities. Don’t say crap like you don’t need luck to succeed. Being in the first world with the opportunities we have is already extremely lucky. Show more gratitude.



Is the poem below written by Mao?



No. Mao was a much better poet.


No, it is not luck. Why? For the simple reason that our income tax laws have ALWAYS favored home ownership that’s why. If you rented, you were simply stupid if you had the money to buy and you didn’t. For example, up until recently you could have done 1031 exchanges as much as you wanted without the limitations. Buy a place, rent it out, move in for 2 years out of 5, boom sell and take the max 500K exclusion and then move on to the next one. Shoot, I know people who did that and amassed a fortune. How is that luck? It is simply using the tax laws to your advantage. Knowledge is not luck…


Everybody can afford to buy a house here?


Did you not read about my tenant? He didn’t have much money. Sure, he and his wife worked but the key is that they saved for many years and bought a fixer for about 400K if i remember correctly. I think he qualified for less than 20% down. So, assume it is was 10%. Who doesn;t have $40K? It is called sacrifice. Not everyone is willing to do the dirty work and sacrifice…


Also not everyone wants to raise their kids in that part of Oakland.


Again, that is thought from stupid people who think just because you bought a home somewhere that you are going to be there forever. Nonsense!

Let me use this example. Would it be fair for someone to accuse you of, oh, just being lucky to have worked for a well known company in your past? So, getting the education necessary to be able to work at a company of that level had nothing to do with it, right? It is insulting to all of the people working hard to make their futures come true. I have said this before, I know people who are either renters or folks who like to blow money away. The reason why they are not in good financial standing is their own doing, it was not bad luck…


The correct translation is work towards an achievement :grinning:


Some said Mao secretly used a university student to write poems for him. But anyhow, excerpt from a Mao poem to boost your ambition:



Insulting genghis khan?