We Are in Bear Market


谋事在人: hard work
成事在天: depend on luck


My goal of 20M is not ambitious enough?


Did you not read my excerpt??? :rofl:


Why is shooting eagles more ambitious than making 20M?


You misinterpreted the excerpt, it’s telling you to be more successful than genghis khan. What was his net worth??? :rofl:


Khan was a serial rapist and mass murderer. Mao was too. Can’t compete with these two guys.


Well ok, try your best… :rofl:





Another negative day.


Recovery started, never stops, but slow recovery



Sold all TEVA !


You spoke too soon…


Maybe this kid is already a billionaire in China. I think he has better chance to become a billionaire in the world’s fastest growing market. Does this kid look like Ma?

I think the key is your percentile rank in your control group.

If you have a 1M networth in SV at the age 40, you are at the brink of being average. Your percentile might be 20%.

However, if you have a 1M networth in Zambia at the age of 40, you are a hero. Your percentile might be 0.01%.

If you have 1M networth at the age of 19 without inheritance, you are a genius, maybe a YouTube star.


“ The poll found that 42 percent of residents polled expect to be millionaires some day, while a recent survey of renters by Zumper discovered that 84 percent of San Franciscans plan to own a home despite the cost.”


Did you read the results report? They have increased forward guidance.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/teva-reports-third-quarter-2018-110000876.html

Too early to sell, even though it may dip tomorrow.

IMO, it has long growth! This should be your AAPL kind of stock.



I know!


The loss is too painful, so sell before earning :pleading_face: and you said you sold already :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My god, whatever happened to your Apple-esque wisdom???