We Are in Bear Market


I am telling this for information purpose as you are best decision maker for your own money.

My selling is not on fear , but strategically release money to buy TSLA.

In short, I do not have any plans to sell TEVA or TSLA.

The reason is all stocks are going up and continue further.

Last two weeks are like real estate year 2008-2012, buy buy and buy when low.


My guess this more like 2016. The world looks shaky especially it the FED keeps raising rates. The Euro and other foreign currency is tanking. They won’t be buying American goods, tarrifs or not


I am very confused, do you mean TSLA or TEVA.

Obviously I messing with you :rofl:


Yoda’s risk appetite is different now versus 20 years ago.


I see you made enough to treat us to HDL.


Yoda better sell all his aapl shares and buy hundreds of houses in Austin. He can easily become the top 0.1% in Austin.


Then I was younger than manch and wqj but older than you and BAJacket. When I was at your ages, I trade forex and commodities :slight_smile: 1 for 10 :scream: leverage.


Princess doesn’t like HDL or Gyu-Kaku, she prefers bringing food to her house. So we can go and buy some fresh Wayu and fish to her house.


Yes I did too, the beauty of forex is the leverage :slight_smile:


I only don’t like them because I’d end up cooking for you :unamused:


Next time cook for me instead.


Both I am not selling, trying to keep/hold as much as possible.


Oh shoot, I have less than 20 years to reach yoda level… :rofl:


Let’s go have a high end French feast at La Papillion. We can go dutch so don’t worry who’s paying.


@hanera, you want to know my next fav one?

It is TDOC - kind of Uber of medical professionals.

The results are coming after noon, expecting like TEVA, but little lesser scale.

Catch me if you can !


I’d stay away from non-tech.


People look pretty excited. So did we kill the bear? Clear sky now?


Aren’t fancy French restaurants more appropriate for couples going on date nights? Also I am only a peasant here…


Not at all… I dine at those places all the time for no particular reason.