We Are in Bear Market


Why go to stuffy place like that where you can’t even talk freely?


A person who finds success and wealth. The source of income is usually unknown by others, but can tell wealth by the by the “baller’sattire and usually cocky attitude.


Ok let’s go dine at McDonald’s… can talk very loudly with total disregard of the etiquette. Also can save the peasants a few bucks… :rofl:


Prefer KFC, just sayin’.


Let’s settle for Chick-fil-A, @tomato’s favorite.


Forgot I bought AAPL with whatever (less than $2k) are left from remanent of CISCO, SUN, AKAM, defunct stocks in 2000.


Definitely easy to do :slight_smile:


2000*540 = 1.08M. You bought 20k, not 2k.

Also you bought in 1997 and 1998, not 2000. Something doesn’t add up. :smiley:


For BAGB’s benefit,


I could afford buying 20k in 2000. That would be 4.9M before tax now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But it still seems that leveraged RE investment is a better choice than this hard to hit wild success. Hanera had a lot of money in 2000, but he only spent $2000 on aapl. If he deployed all his other cash on buying houses, it could easily net more than 464k


Hmmmmm ! You are smart now !! I am holding since $40, but also bought at 70. Let me catch you then :rofl:

Their results are exactly like AAPL, beating top and bottom, but market brought down !!!

Mr.Market is unpredictable.


I thought you had much much more APPL shares than that, @hanera… are you just showing us a fraction of it?




Trump is pumping the market before midterms. :smile:

Trump Asks Cabinet to Draft Possible Trade Deal With China



I kind of expected that. just surprised he was actually rational enough to do it. The republicans will turn out their base. but that’s like 27% of the country. They are really bleeding sub-urban and college educated voters. And more of the people on the fence would vote against Republicans if the market kept tanking every day leading up to the elections. So getting the market up to get a couple of days of good headlines and investment recovery could probably stem some of their losses there. (my opinion - take it for what it’s worth)


futures are up - 1% or so in 20m.


GOP is looking at deep loss in the Midwest, and tariffs is partly to blame. Trade war doesn’t make sense for farmers and they are pretty bummed by it.

Trump once had a deal with the Chinese only to rescind hours later. God knows if he’s for real this time around. Losing big time next Tuesday will concentrate their minds though. You can’t mess around with people’s livelihoods without consequences.


You sure they will lose?


80%+ chance Dems win the House. About the same odds for Reps to hold Senate.


Never mind. Fake news. Trump back to foot shooting mode.