We Are in Bear Market


That is a brand alright. Trump understands what Americans want. They no longer want to live under that image. As wqj pointed out, Trump is doing what they want to behave.


I think you may have over simplified your view of things. G HW Bush personified the American brand … and he was not from either of those States that you mentioned.

Always in society there is the constant push/pull between different parts of society. The worst for a society’s brand are thise who are braggarts, chase after money in a craven and open fashion, and lack moral character. G HW B represents one end of the spectrum. DJT represents the other.

Note that I am not moralizing here - I am obeserving how parts of society affects a society’s brand, and hence, its ability to attract captial and talent in the long run.


You mean the minority of the popular vote that voted for Trump?


Minority? Is not a small number :grinning:


Ok then. Im glad that bragging helps you feel better about your choices. :wink:


American’s greatest strength is marketing, creating an image, aggression, … have not changed.


Yep, minority.


Precisely. And we need to keep it up. We are screwing up the marketing part.


Hmmm … does that include you? Or do you not consider yourself an American? :joy:


I’m Chinese American. Notice the word Chinese comes in front of American. And I’m definitely not a race traitor for sure.


Sounds to me like you don’t consider yourself an American first and foremost. Interesting.

Not sure what race traitor as to do with anything unless you are passively aggressively trying to launch personal attacks.


I will protect American interest when someone slanders America. I will protect Chinese interest when someone slanders China. I have a clear head and don’t blindly side with a nation.

Race traitor is an appropriate term to describe the behavior of some people on this forum.


Ah gotcha - still interesting that you don’t consider yourself an American first and foremost. I hadn’t considered that. Who exactly are you calling a race traitor? And what does race have to do with anything anyways?

As Americans we should seek to look beyond race. We are supposed to be post-racial. Supposedly.


When has the US ever executed those qualities well?

We do better on equal opportunity now, but we also had slavery and segregation for decades.

The government has never had ethical transparency. We have the CIA and NSA. The main difference is it used to be easier for the government to lie.

I’m not sure we’ve had reliability with allies either. We tend to ally with whoever we feel is the least evil and feel free to switch sides. We’ve enabled or created regime changes then later helped boot that leader if they didn’t do what we want. We’ve been in wars with the same countries as enemies in one war and allies in another war.

Let’s not pretend the US can take the moral high ground. We convince ourselves we’re doing things for the right moral reasons, but do we really care if there’s not oil involved? In the cold war, we backed some horribly repressive regimes just to avoid communism from taking over the country. We looked the other way as long as the leader wasn’t communist.


Isn’t it blatantly obvious? Whoever is of Chinese descend and slanders China or Chinese people with every chance is probably a race traitor. So you know who you are.


Ok. No more traitor talk man. Treat poeple with respect even if they disagree with you.


to bring this back vaguely on topic. Just got this:


Market is pretty ugly. Year over year median price fell. Inventory more than doubled. Days of inventory is even worse.

But this data is retrospective. It just confirmed the slow market on the last 2-3 months. Anecdotal sign is encouraging


I have gotten 2 cold calls in the last week asking if i was interesting in buying a property (not a pocket listing but an actual public listing). Listing agents are finally having to work to find a buyer. In the past they could just sit back and fend off the wave of buyers


Cold call from the listing agent checking whether you want to buy a house? That’s unheard of.

This data is so ugly. I hope the realtors will hide this data :rofl: