Who are moving into and out of California?


How do you say or what inference to say “your heart is not happy and your mind is not fulfilled” ?


Actually, when coming to stock investing, it’s always quantity over quality. So $1M in the S&P500 is better than $100k in some perceived high-flying stock.


What can I say. Quality attracts quality. :wink:

Now if we can reign in the BS a little bit then we will be :100:


Based on the fact that your were eager to attack me and defend yourself in the previous posts. If you were really happy and content, you could have cared less.


Wqj give him a break yo.


No, you are trying it. It is really, really hard to win as the system is like auction and in between agents play. With current market, tough and stronger persons get it.

Even though I know I paid 40k over my best price, for me, it is fine when I see a win. I can recover the 40k or 50k in few years. Unless this kind of mindset comes, it is hard to beat the current sellers market.


Here’s a song for y’all this Friday evening:




I second @Jil’s decision to not talk about his investment. Investing is alrady hard work. Why make it harder by arguing with strangers?

I have close to 30 positions but I only talk about a few.


I love all of you. :heart:


I really cared less only. You did not understand the point. I just posted to further irritate you :joy:


Need to put a jacket on. Getting a little cold out here :snowflake:


Perfectly right ! I understood and stopped it.


@manch should love me dearly! I always spice up this forum for him. I earn that MVP title straight… (Most Valuable Poster)… :smile:


Most valuable stock promoter.


Why you?


Who else? It’s not like @sfdragonboy is posting anymore…


You left me, but pulling sfdragonboy now…


It’s similar to the NYC attitude, then you find out they’ve never left the island.


Why should they leave if the living standard is subpar everywhere else? Can’t blame them for being snobs.