Why Would Anyone Invest In Florida?

I only associate fobs with poorer fobs. Rich / city fobs are just different.

Or Maybe I’m too bitter :joy:


Again, some people are simply stupid…

Why Ian May Push Florida Real Estate Out of Reach for All but the Super Rich

The hurricane’s record-breaking cost will make it even harder for many to get insurance, experts say — threatening home sales, mortgages and construction.

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Florida Coastal Living Reshaped by Hurricane Housing Codes

Many homeowners in southwest Florida towns find it challenging to rebuild. ‘People leave and don’t come back.’

This has been going on for decades. My grandparents moved from NJ to Florida. It’s called “retirement”.

My parents retired in Florida from New York State. Older folks want to live in a warmer climate. Real estate there is relatively inexpensive. My father told me hurricane insurance was not expensive if your house was 4 miles inland from the coast. If you want to live close to the water you are taking a risk to lose everything…

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What about flood insurance?

Flood insurance is always a consideration everywhere. The insurance companies and bank lenders have it figured out from maps and data… If the property is in a flood zone it will be disclosed in CA and should be disclosed everywhere. When you buy a property the insurance will have a high rate for a flood zone or not insure. Banks will not lend unless you have flood insurance if the house is subject to flooding. The Petaluma river floods and damages houses time and again but people continue to live in the flood zone. I would not buy property in a flood zone, why take that risk. If someone pays cash and goes without insurance to live near the canal or ocean it is on them. I hear the beach front homes in Malibu can’t get insurance.but rich people just pay up and rebuild them when they get wiped out by storms. It is worth it to them to live there.

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Home Buyers Flock to Florida Cities Devastated by Hurricane Ian

It’s pretty much business as usual,’ one agent says; area damaged by storm had experienced sharp price run-up

I suppose, sure, what are the chances of another hurricane of this past magnitude coming again??? Right? Right? Dumb asses…

Just like clockwork…

Don’t live urban and definitely don’t live in an HOA. Anywhere.

Come on, even Malaysia??? LOL

OK, U.S. Don’t know about Malaysia.
Speaking of which, an old US saying is “don’t talk politics or religion in polite company” or words to that effect. Do they follow that in Malaysia? That would be a plus.

Are you kidding me? They are firebombing this KK store (sort of like a 7-11 store) because they were selling some socks with “Allah” on them.

Damn, maybe I stay in Fremont or San Francisco…