You Gotta Love BART


So sad, another comrade got bullied on BART.


Need a mentor, BART???



BART is funded by the government. They can care less about how you feel if their train left early, or failed to show up at all.

And, if the Japanese public transportation system were that great, why not move to Japan? Stick with your lousy BART ridership here… :rofl:


Dude, do you even use public transportation to have a legitimate opinion on it??? You don’t work…:slight_smile:


No. I’m more entitled to public transportation opinion than you. I bet I’ve ridden more BART in the past than you have ever done metro, bus, or train your entire life. Do you really think I’m a know-nothing rich millionaire living in a luxurious bubble my entire life??? Give me a break… :rofl:


Uh wrong. First of all, I am older than you and I used to commute to Oakland from SF for work on BART. I have taken public transportation by myself for 40 years.


Um… I used to ride BART not only for work but also SCHOOL so I’m definitely one up on you with that… :rofl: In fact I just used BART service again recently… the service was as horrendous as ever… :rofl:


You two are lucky to be alive given how bad BART is.


Dude, I was on BART Monday night. A freaking homeless lady comes up to me with a sign and she was crying…I nearly gave her the finger since I was not in a good mood


I don’t t think so. I know you are at least a know-nothing rich deca-millionaire living in a luxurious bubble! :rofl:


Yes I look down on a peon like you! :rofl:


I am working my way there too: I only need to increase my net worth by 50 times. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok that means your current net worth is $200k… thanks for sharing… :rofl:


Um… what is a multi-milliionaire doing on BART on a Monday night giving a homeless lady the middle finger??? :rofl:


Does anyone on here ride BART?


Dude, I do not recall ever saying/declaring that I was a multi millionaire…

I was on BART since I had to give a tenant something at the nearest BART station and I was not going to drive there when I was already in the Embarcadero for work.


Yeah, good luck with this BART…


Come on!!! For someone who has a SFH in the Sunset almost paid off free and clear, and to have another multi-family residence in Oakland almost paid off free and clear, and to have yet another SFH in Fremont (don’t know what the mortgage situation is but does that matter??? :rofl: )… if this isn’t a good description of a multi-millionaire I don’t know what is… :laughing:


One response and those who have one too will nod their heads with me in unison: I have a wife.