You Gotta Love BART


Wild west on Bart. …those thieves are lucky…Too bad the stabber didnt have a gun…


In a society full of weak guys, we need to celebrate weakness as hero. Celebrating the strong guys as heroes would alienate the majority. This work well in a democracy.


Well, GOOD FOR HIM! I do hope he’ll get off without a sentence. Clearly he was defending himself. Though I’m not sure the law will see it that way if they were unarmed.


Criminals should be in jail, not on the Bart and make good people criminals. Bart may become as dangerous as NYC subway

Crime is worsening everywhere, even in the safest neighborhood. California’s stupid measures have released too many criminals to our streets. The politicians should be sent to jail for endangering the public


Isn’t this essentially what happens in sports where the refs always only catch the second guy who retaliates in response to a foul or illegal hit/move by an opposing player? The fact is, if the “victims” didn’t make the first move in the first place there is no story…


That’s California for you. Same place that wants a day to remember a criminal killed by the police, but a day to remember police killed on duty is considered offensive. Texas would handle all those situations far differently.


True. They’d ask why the guy used a knife instead of a gun.


Promises, promises…


How about taking care of the loosely guarded, swinging emergency door that is so far away from where the booth operator is snoring away or making the side glass partitions in the station higher???


For any repairs or doing what you want, money is needed. Fire that lazy janitor. Easy peachy.



Amazing it takes a court ruling to approve it.


And yet these cities fight tooth and nail against every new housing project


Watched the tape. Looks like BART got a SOP issue to deal with.
A Lockheed retiree went school asking for an evening job picking up trash. The public school became a Charter school. The new school urged him to stay doing the same. How much did you make $15/hr? Too low, how about $50/hr? He got the job. In fact, he was so busy he asked me if I could help him recruit employees doing downtown office. When I asked others what happened to him not long ago. He made out like a bandit and retired again. Sam


Even more amazing is that the court approved it.



Not many surprises on the map perhaps except the Peninsula stops. Then again, I don’t know anything about Peninsula.

Map apparently shows richest, poorest neighborhoods by BART station

High tech issues…


This is the same problem that has dogged Muni all these years with the streetcar doors. Who hasn’t been on the Muni streetcar where one of the freaking doors won’t close to the point the driver has to manually close the door from further operation? Come on, the door mechanism is the main focal point so you have to get that right. But noooooooo…


This morning, I see a BART rider put his bike over the glass wall siding and proceed to climb over, presumably without paying. Get a clue, BART!!!