You Gotta Love BART


Let’s be honest, it will turn into a race thing. He is white and the victim is a young black woman. Totally unprovoked. Imagine essentially bleeding to death on a BART platform. You can send me the bill for the bullet that enters this animal’s cranium…


A black man just killed a white man on BART. Not every incident is racist. I think Bart needs to screen for guns and knives. More cops and less tolerance for bad behavior.



We need death penalty for killers


Death penalty is not a deterrent in California. 800 on death row. And only 13 executions in 40 years. Many more die of old age(100 in the last 40years). People like Scott Peterson feel safe.
Many executions take at least 25 years.


Well, maybe if we televise it live and shock our youngsters some, it can be a deterrent. We are simply too soft on crime. China kicks our arse in this area…


Why don’t we outsource the job to Mexico or China. I am sure they could do it for less than the $4billion we spent.


Outsourcing death penalty execution is a good idea. We don’t want to be involved in killing criminals


Mexico could use the $4b to help build the wall:sunglasses:

One big firing squad for $4b. Seems like a good deal for Mexico


We give them a 20% profit margin, no way $4B


Come on, what kind of a wuss country are we if we can’t kill CRIMINALS of all lowlives ourselves??? How is that a teaching moment for lil Johnnie or Jane?


Yup, and people think being more lenient on criminals is going to reduce crime. It only makes them escalate faster.




The whole racism angle and feeling unsafe is just wow.


What about the two white guys killed by blacks on bart this week?


They don’t even release trader joe’s suspect picture, on the other hand, white bart killer pic posted pretty damn fast


Yeah, that’s interesting. They hide info for some, but this murdurer’s info and picture were released in hours. Is this legal?


The liberal press is into race baiting


soon liberal media will only release landlord murderer’s picture, becareful guys