You Gotta Love BART


No on Prop 10

Landlord is also human


The liberals have been trying to kill us for years
Hating your landlord is acceptable in popular culture


Well, someone who was black was complaining that it was actually kind of slow on the identity of the suspect. He said if it were a black suspect it would have been up even faster. YMMV on everything,I say…


Looks like it already has. Given what he did, I’m doubtful that it’s race as much as that he’s very very violent. Who slashes people’s throats without even saying anything to them? Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d done the same thing to two white girls too.

I do wonder about the motive. Were they being loud and he was annoyed? Were they chatting about him and he didn’t like it?


He clearly doesn’t know BART.



Bart wouldn’t have a problem in Eldorado county. It is easy for law abiding citizens to get concealed weapons permits. The punks would think twice if they knew the victims could shoot back.


Geez, becoming like clockwork now… Soon, it will be “sure thing as Bart deaths and taxes”


I used to think BART coming to SJ would be a positive.


It is, but you just need to be careful. I wouldn’t be a single gal riding on the weekend late at night by yourself. Commute hours where plenty of people are around is best ironically…



You know I have been calling for way tougher entry points at stations for eons. I like how NY’s are:



My coworker confirmed this the minute the new station opened. He said the lot was full by the wee hours in the morning. I guess hordes of people are commuting in from way out there to the Fab 7x7…


Hey @wuqijun, instead of hanging out here all day maybe you can join the “Guardian Angels Of Bart” and escort lovely single (preferably) maidens to their chariots…


Oh no… that’s a hazardous task… :rofl:


This is because we released criminals from prison to the streets. Voters were misled and their love was taken advantage of.


How were voters mislead? Anyone that read knew it’d be bad.


Voters were misled by their love which is misled by media. Criminals can painted to angels. Too much pseudo science to mislead the people


I am assuming BART will settle…


Boycott Bart until they get rid of the junkies, homeless, criminals and beggars…And put in metal detectors