You Gotta Love BART


Well, unfortunately we are a captive audience. There is no alternative for some folks. Why do you think it is a breeze (relatively speaking) when they go on strike or when their contract talks begin. Yeah, they may strike a few days but the entire region shuts down. Whatever happened to that proposed legislation outlawing Bart from striking??? Same place as the bump stock ban…


Is there any data that says people that don’t pay the fare commit crime at a much higher rate on BART? I don’t see what paying vs. not paying the fare has to do with it.


Come on, Mr. Seattle!!! Really???


I’m sure most fare evaders are just poor people trying to get by and make it to work each day.


The are still committing a crime


But from someone who literally walks through BART stations everyday, you see a lot of mentally ill and very questionable folks in BART who managed to sneak through. It has gotten better, they have added barbed wire to the tops of the glass walls and have made the emergency exits more sturdy but fare evaders still get through.


That’s crazy. I don’t get how BART is considered a plus then.


We don’t even want a wall to protect the border of our country from illegals. You think people in the bay area would support a wall to stop fare evaders?

The funniest thing I saw recently was ICE protesters in Portland creating a wall to keep police out of their encampment. They are literally protesting immigration enforcement and want open borders, but they built a wall around their own camp.


How to deal with mentally ill people? Why are there many more mentally ill people in Bay Area than other places? Is Bay Area natural environment toxic and people are more likely to become crazy here?:joy:

Or is Bay Area too liberal so more people become crazy from liberal experiment with drugs?


To much tolerance of bad behavior here. Plus that shit in LA the cops beat the crap out you


Well, we can force help on them. But some people think this is violating their rights somehow…


People rioted when Oscar Grant was shot by Bart police.
Now the cops are gun shy. And the criminals know it.


Yet the stupid leaders then turn down stun guns…


Here’s something I never saw on BART. An unconscious man in need of medical attention for a seizure was dragged off a commuter train in long beach so another commuter would not be late for work.



Just another day in the bay.




Are they just going to sit in their police cars and chill in the parking lot though?

And I guess fares will be going up soon (again).


Anyone who has walked through say the Embarcadero Bart Station probably has seen Bart police officers yucking it up in some group chat or they maybe on the side checking out the latest Dragonboy postings on this site… unbelieveable