You Gotta Love BART


Finally people are starting to value cops.


Ok, we all need a laugh…





Sorry, but poor people who abide by the law have nothing to fear. It is your freaking whacked out weirdos who turnstile jump that are the problem, causing havoc and fear. These idiots in suits need to get a reality check. I know, make it mandatory for every Bart Director or senior manager have to ride the system at least 2 days to work. Let them see it at ground zero instead of 30-40 floors up…



Why are passengers angry over improving security? Do they enjoy risking their life to take BART? People are concerned ICE will get security info and use it to deport people. So again, the bay area prioritizes illegals over the safety of citizens.

This made me think of BART.


Liberals don’t understand the public outrage over Oscar Grant lead to these recent deaths. More security is good for everyone. Even the criminals. No guns or knives, needles or campers should be allowed in BART stations


Wow, BART finally gets a clue…


Great, let’s chat and have a party at work…


That’s a LOT of money to fix the problem. Public transportation is just a mess unless a city was specifically designed for it.


Yes, but once done, it will last forever…




Of course, new station, new stabbing…


Sheesh. Is this like a stabbing every day?


Why would several Board members be against this??? Are they homeowners who would be impacted, or are they maybe concerned that BART can’t even handle managing their stations and trains, let alone external housing??? NIMBYs, alive and well!!!


That’d be like asking why the board members of Xerox voted against getting into the restaurant business.

ALSO, if they get into housing, what happens to their ability to kick homeless off their tracks? I thought that one of the arguments allowing them to dismantle homeless camps on BART property was that they aren’t responsible for housing people.


The idea of building homes near Bart stations has already happened in many locations (Fruitvale in Oakland, and Walnut Creek. By building homes near the stations you get the spillover effect of increased Bart ridership with hopefully minimum 1:1 car usage increase. It is truly a no brainer.


Agreed, but should BART be responsible for doing that development?


But the moment something happens, that perp is screwed. They’ll have 6 officers after them. BTW: That’s a pretty good racial profile there. 1/3 Af. Am, one Asian, and presumably 3 white unless the guy we can’t see hispanic?