You Gotta Love BART


And you want a fare hike because you consider this to be of entertainment value???


Sure, and how about a fare hike to boot???


Man…that’s my station.


Avoid public transit…


Be careful out there…

That is why places like Bayview sounds terrific for investment purposes but what if you had a wife or kids or a senior mother who needs to take the bus? No.


Ask @manch


Did my “must mention Bayview at least once every day” chore…



Despite all the negative stuff I posted about BART, I actually don’t think it’s that bad. It COULD be a million times better but overall I think it’s a fine system. The crime is a concern.

The griminess is similar to NYC Subway. The homelessness is more rampant here but that issue is bigger than BART.

Perhaps my expectations are just low/non-existent now?


It could have been worse.

Next time you see someone smoke pot on BART, just walk away. Unless you are built like Arnold or the Rock.


You do NOT ask a bunch of violent young people to stop smoking weed! You try to sneak into the next compartment the moment you see them coming…


Agreed! We are just pointing out issues or sore points with what we have as our main public Bay Area transportation system. It def could be worse but if that is your only sole means of transportation well you know how that goes…


Oakland haters are everywhere.


I always wonder what I will do in those situations. Do I to get help, walk away and not do anything, be frozen, or try to step in?


DO NOT step in. Will not help. Walk away and call 911.


Let’s be totally frank: the legalization of marijuana in this country is what could bring us down…


Absolutely. Even the mighty Manchu Empire was brought down by opium…


Depends on whether you look like this guy?

Or this guy:


DO NOT underestimate Kin Lau. He might know Kung Fu…


Kin Lau looks like the guy who always gets beaten up at school. In fact, I will bet money @harriet can beat the crap out of him.