You Gotta Love BART


You get the image wrong,


Kin Lau will mesmerize any female damsel in distress with his intellect and wit. Taking a line from John Wick, Kin once killed 3 men in a bar with a pencil. The things he can do with numbers will have one begging for more, more…

@harriet, should I contact my cousin, err, Kin for you???


Absolutely. This day and age we don’t worship muscle. We worship the intellect… :laughing:



My Embarcadero Station stairway of choice is still without a freaking escalator…

Calling Mr BART Janitor, wake up, you’re needed in the ER (escalator rescue)…


That’s better than seeing a hobo mooning people at a BART station today. Gross!



I’m shocked they released photos. This is going to lead to racism.


Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time (or in these cases, if you don’t want your mug plastered all over the news) I always say


Alright. Let’s face it, BART is unsafe.

Or maybe it needs more conductors like this:

I bet if he’d been a Bart conductor, he’d be a hero.


My initial reaction was to agree with you, but I have to take it back now. The problem is that too many people really honestly believe that in the heat of the battle one can easily turn down the force. I am obviously referring to real scary crime scenes where it can be truly life and death. And of course, officers who completely go Rambo unnecessarily ought to be prosecuted to the fullest. Then you have the “I can sue” mentality so then Caltrain has to do a full, no, 150% over the top investigation to, you got it, CYA. It is CYA for everyone…

Not to change the subject, @Terri, but what is your take on that Google subject? We obviously heard from the males. Just curious… (and if you do choose to respond, i will take my answer via the Google thread).


Will take a look–in a bit–maybe later tonight.




My Embarcadero Station escalator is still out. OMG…

Part of the problem with BART stations is the easy access in and out. We unfortunately need to move to the dreaded protection glass seen at the banks or even the post office. Last week when I took BART, I saw a homeless man walk right through the emergency exit without anybody in the control booth telling him to get out. He wanders around the platform, aimlessly. It may be ugly, but I am sure everyone has seen the hard core entrances in the New York subway stations with the turnstiles grating where there is no way in heck you can get in without a ticket.


Stick a fork in public transit. Company buses are the way to go.




BART is going to San Jose. Will San Jose get more crime?


Or homeless people for that matter…