You Gotta Love BART




How much extra to take care of the human???


Makes perfect sense, you had fake cameras onboard and your own BART police force is yucking it up in the stations with their fellow officer buddies or surfing on their phones…


Let the passengers carry guns…no more punks mugging people. …Eldorado County sherrif issues concealed concealed weapons permits to most law abiding citizens…no muggings up here.
years ago my buddy was mugged on BART…pretended to be scared…shackingly dropped his wallet…
Dropped it as the knife carrying mugger picked it up, he kicked the punk in the throat…then kicked the shit out of him…Finally a BART cop intervened and just said I think he has had enough…

Unfortunately after Grant was killed by a BART cop they have become gun shy, when the cop was convicted. .


It is too easy for criminals and fare dodgers to get into the BART system. Last week, I again saw someone of questionable character stroll right through the emergency door for BART and nobody ever stopped him. I keep saying, make the entrances like in New York subway stations. They are like bear traps. No one is getting through without a ticket.


You don’t read about this stuff happening in Texas. There if you try to rob Waffle House an armed citizen takes you out.


Even though the ones in NYC have big metal doors and makes alarm sound, it doesn’t stop many people either. Fare evaders just walk right out as well. I seen plenty of people do it…


I’ve probably only seen the first type then when I was back there…

Surely still better than this POS that BART has:


Prohibition? Yeah, that worked out pretty well didn’t it???

See pic above of fare dodger casually going through emergency swing door…i am emphasizing swing…


Back on the street already presumably???


“Panhandling is considered free speech under the law,” explains the post, “but aggressive panhandling is a violation of the penal code and is not tolerated.”




Pge gives it employees discounts too…Another taxpayer subsidy…Since the PUC guarantees tham a 6% return on their grossly inflated costs…


Google gives free shuttle to employees but Google is a private company. BART is taxpayer supported so it seems a little odd to give free rides to families. Free rides to employees should be ok so that they can understand customers better



Uh, my escalator at Embarcadero is still out…a month and a half now??? Come on!!!


Noooo, really???

Fix my freaking escalator!!!


BART will always lose money. The only question is how much?