You Gotta Love BART



Please don’t cave in, give them a ridiculous amount of money, and then recoup it essentially by raising fares.


Respectful BART Riders


Cameras? We don’t need any stinkin’ cameras!!!


Yeah, public transportation will solve all our problems. Let’s give all the criminals in Stockton, Fresno, and Modesto easy access to the bay area via HSR.



Who are these violent young people? They should be held accountable for their actions (monetary compensation + hard labor)


I truly wish them a unanimously victorious case.


All that does @Terri is punish the riders who will pay higher fares…


You know what, if I have to send my kid on there, I’ll gladly pay extra to know he’s not going to get his head kicked in by a gang of punks. I hope this is a wakeup call to Bart to do better with safety.


Let’s be frank, the commonality in most of these crimes were Saturday evenings. Don’t ride BART alone if you can and on weekend evenings when ridership is fairly low. If you have to, I would suggest you ride in the first car where the “driver” is. I do this on Muni too (when double street carred). I don’t think a criminal is going to be stupid enough to try something where the main operator is inches away.


Sure, why not? Get mugged or raped on a train! Whooppee!!! Fun on the weekend Bart train!!!


Wow oh wow.


Breath profoundly, just breath! :rofl:


Yeah, but HSR is a good idea. It’ll be totally different than BART. It won’t lose tons of money every year, and it’ll have zero crime problems.


For some reason, I bet those were some of the same, exact things BART was saying in the 60s about its new train system…


No, we send our bad guys to have fun in SF. :rofl:


Oh come on! He only needed to say “I wish I could slap you in the face” and nothing would have been done. Just exercising the rights to copy the president’s language.


Forgive me for saying so, but it seems most of the crimes were when people were not alone.

“At an average cost of about $7.60 per round trip, the free BART tickets are worth about $194,560”.

I guess that would only have paid for one more officer on BART this year.


That may be, but I suspect these idiots are not going to pull these stunts during commute hours with so many people around. The reality again is that we are too lax on laws and punishment. We slap their wrists and off they go again into the streets. Judges are the worst. First timers ok maybe go lenient. But when it comes to career criminals, throw the book at them!!!


I don’t know, @Terri, in this latest case, the train looks awfully empty…


Sydney’s trains are double decker and very old people friendly - they have reversible seats and all their elevators/escalators are in excellent working order. Sorry to say but BART is light years behind…