You Gotta Love BART



That’s because only poor people ride BART in the Bay Area.


Like me!

BART was passing out free tickets at the Montgomery station today but I skipped it (out of pride?).


Come on, must I remind you…a penny found is a penny saved. It the idiots are doling out cash, you take!!!


I also ride BART once a while… I must admit. I’m such a cheapstake sometimes… but I try to limit the ridership to no more than twice a year… :rofl:


There is nothing wrong with BART that better security measures can’t fix. Patrons aren’t asking for much. They want trains on time and safe rides from A to B. Not asking for a lot…


Ahhhh. Got a lovely ride to/from Powell Station yesterday. And got to see someone peeing at the station. At least he was aiming for the drain grating. Porto-potties anyone?




It looks like someone’s pet. Hopefully, it has a micro chip.


I am surprised the infamous “3rd rail” didn’t get him… or was that a lie too, BART???




Shouldn’t BART discount the weekend fares then, for all this crap that tends to go down during the slow time???



All that does is make you and I pay more (eventually)…



Police were working to identify a third victim, who witnesses said was stabbed but left the area without speaking to investigators.


Interesting plot twist:



I don’t know what to think.

From the article:

"Surveillance footage showed that the two stabbing victims boarded the BART train at the Rockridge station and walked through the aisles until they found Cuthbert dozing, police said. The on-board surveillance video, which was not released to the public, showed the victims taking items out of Cuthbert’s backpack, police said…

Cuthbert woke up and chased the men down the train aisle and out onto the platform at the Lafayette station, where they began to fight, police said. Cuthbert then pulled out a knife and stabbed the two men, one in the head and one in the hand, police said. Both men were treated for minor injuries Sunday.

BART police said the victims are still under investigation for petty theft in connection with the incident, but charges have yet to be filed."

So he was robbed, gave chase, and fought the robbers. Now he is in police custody but the robbers are not, and the robbers are considered the “victims.”

I remember the story about the guy who ran after some guys who stole a woman’s phone on BART. He got beat up but retrieved the phone. He was considered a hero. So this guy sounds like he also chased after some robbers, but because he prevailed in the fight instead of getting beaten up, he’s considered the bad guy and the robbers are victims.