You want affordable housing you say?




Not sure what exactly will come of this even if people voted for it. I mean, what developer is going to do a 100% affordable housing building with such valuable land, right?



Yes, but no…


Yeah, the government is the solution to all of our problems.


Too much whining and no building!!! Just build it!!! We will survive somehow…


These neighborhood groups are just selfish assholes…Their concerns are not for anyone but themselves


Affordable housing is the government code word for somebody else pays.

Say, what’s the opposite of gentrification? I’ve lived through that but don’t have a slick, one word description.


The opposite of gentrification is ghettoization…


Um… that pretty much speaks for 99.999% of the people ever lived…





Well, harder to find…


Affordable Housing is possible in California, but the real political will to do so just isn’t there. It’s all talk, no real action, and the sort of products and programs that do exist as “affordable housing” are junk at best. One example? It’s not possible to build “micro houses” (sub 800 SF units) due to construction requirements the State has. This isn’t to say crappy houses should be constructed, but must all homes be constructed in the same manner and measure as all others? This has lead to large scale master planned homes that FTHB cannot rationally afford, or one off custom homes that cost an arm and a leg to produce. Creating a small scale builder program with land subsidies would help. In my area (Orange County) there are plenty of City and/or County owned plots of land - some infill, some open space - that could be converted to Affordable Housing, My guess is that within the Bay Area there are pockets of City/County owned lots that could be developed if out of the box thinking is applied. A current example is one way forward:

There is a way, but the will just isn’t strong enough to get affordable housing accomplished.

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It’s the wrong focus. There are 6M open jobs. How do we help those people fill one of those 6M open jobs? Then they won’t need affordable housing. The talk of minimum wage is annoying. Minimum wage has always been near or below the poverty line. It was never meant to be a livable wage. If someone works for years and can only earn minimum wage, it’s not reasonable to blame everyone else for that person’s inability to move up.

If you want to solve it, then make affordable housing military style barracks. Give people living there minimal privacy and no cable TV. People will quickly get motivated to earn enough money to move out. As long as government assistance provides private apartments or SFH rentals, what motivation do people have to earn more to pay for something they are getting for free? Earning more won’t increase their standard of living, so why do it?

Everything about the approach to these problems is wrong. That’s why the spending grows much faster than inflation, and the situation isn’t improving.


Hmm…sounds like what happened to Antioch.

KQED did a whole series about it. Of course, they interviewed local “leaders” some of whom I’ve experienced. And of course, according to them the only problem is racism.

The new “ism” in Bay Area Metrospeak is “anti-displacement”. Yes, many politicians and government planners say what happened to the SF Mission must be stopped because it “displaced” people. They have now created policies to prevent this from happening elsewhere.

I was born in the City. I had family in the City. The Mission was a ghetto hell hole that no one in their right mind wanted to be in, at least after dark. If you want that crap back, then be my guest. It’s been massively improved by “displacement” or “gentrification” or whatever you want to call it.

Defy that at your own risk. If you do, I think you should move into the Sycamore area of Antioch. I’ll give you five months max before you flee or are impacted by violence.

My recent trip to Costa Rico saw better digs in the ghettos than some of what we have here.

Having lived through this crap, I get really tired of the race card. If your pants are down around your ankles; if you’re toting a firearm under your jacket because you think that makes you cool; I and most anyone I know, including many non-whites, don’t care what color you are. Just get the hell out of here!


Come on, for parking??? Take the freaking bus, you lazy-arsed students!!!


Typical nimbly I got mine screw you attitude.
First a laundromat is more important than housing now a parking lot is more important than housing people. And these liberals say they are concerned about the homeless… Hypocritical horse shit…


Not sure how applicable these ideas really are (especially around here) but food for thought…