You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Hmmm, seems our Fearless Leader likes to quote Yelp only when it fits his agenda…oops, did I say that?:slight_smile:


I don’t trust Yelp for authentic Chinese food, and you shouldn’t either. I quote Yelp to give people the address, business hours and menu. The non-Yelp part of Yelp if you will.

I’d try the Tai Kee wonton next time I am in town. BTW I tried that Vietnamese Hainan chicken place in downtown SJ. Not impressed. The search for Hainan chicken continues…


Uh, did you not write this?.. before you respond, you are under oath, sir :slight_smile:


My intelligence came from Chinese people I follow on Twitter, Facebook and here. The only reliable way to get the real scoop.

Like I’d trust @harriet more than any rando Yelper.


Yeah, whatever…:slight_smile:

I suggest you NOT include Yelp then your postings then, it makes you look somewhat two-faced :slight_smile: Is it a useful and helpful website or not? Pick one!!!


Ok, Ms. @harriet and Fearless Leader,

@caiguycaiguy posted this on the Chinatown thread and so let’s explore this since you guys are so wishy washy. Henry Chung (RIP) of Henry Hunan fame was obviously from China and so can’t by any definition be accused of serving “Americanized” Chinese food. So, have you had food from Henry Hunan ever? I have. We go to the one in SOMA often for our team lunches. Food is fine. We love the meat pie appetizer.

Going to my guide, Yelp says 3-4 stars depending on location and I think that is fair and accurate.


Most “Hunan” restaurants here have absolutely nothing to do with Hunan. And truth be told, Hunan dishes are not among the big 4 cuisines in China: Canton, Szechuan, Shanghai and Beijing. It has never occurred to me “Let’s go eat some Hunan food”. It’s just not a thing.

Sorry bruh.


Excuse after excuse…

This is what I found online…

Hunan cuisine, also known as Xiang cuisine, consists of the cuisines of the Xiang River region, Dongting Lake, and western Hunan province in China. It is one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine and is well known for its hot spicy flavour,

Perhaps you need to remove those blinders and eat other variations of Chinese food that are out there??? They are just as legit…


I’m going to richmond tomorrow(next to sunset) any good chinese food recommendation?


@harriet will say Dragon Beaux of course. Bring your AmEx black diamond card or whatever that has the highest limit.


Thanks. Picture looks good. might give a try. But will see how long’s the wait


My thoughts exactly. And just because someone’s from China doesn’t mean they don’t serve Americanized food. Founder of Panda Express was born in China and came to the US when he was 18.


Boy, it amazes me that you and our Fearless Leader actually believe you know more about Chinese food than certified folks who have actually done it and apparently done it very well. Can you even boil an egg? Serious question actually…


I don’t have anything against the real Hunan cuisine. But 99% of the Hunan restaurants here in the States are NOT serving anything remotely Hunan. Have you ever seen dishes like these in so-called Hunan restaurants here?

I have had some intelligence there are some decent real Hunan restaurants in the East Bay. I’ve been to one years ago which was decent but unfortunately I forgot the name and address… :cry: Maybe @caiguycaiguy knows?

Also I’ve been to Hunan the province and some of their stuff is both sour and spicy. A really distinct taste.


Hard boiled or Singaporean style?


I personally prefer to cook my own food, than eat out…My food is much better and cleaner…My wife always complains about the resturants we go to…Never complains about my cooking…Plus I never got sick at home…We both got the Norovirus at IHOP last week…Imagine what you might get at Dennys…lol


Let’s be honest, I would totally not ride our Fearless Leader about food at all if he didn’t admit to being a frequent flyer at Denny’s. I mean, come on, right? Brings to question his food tastes and credibility, no? I mean, would you use a handyman who has no idea what a P trap is to do your complete Sea Cliff mansion remodel???


Maybe he holds a higher standard for Chinese food. People tend to be a tougher grader for their own specialty.


Exactly. I am not a foodie at all. But because I eat Chinese food every day all my life I am a little bit fussy about it.

I tried Coco the other night and it was even worse than Denny’s. Let me turn the question around. Which chain has good American food under $15? It has to be a chain because I only eat that crap when I travel outside of Bay Area.

I had dinner at Ipoh Garden tonight. Food is mediocre. The search for decent Malaysian food continues…


Texas Roadhouse! Do the early dining for 10 bucks!