You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Dude, you honestly don’t know what you are talking about. My wife is a very good cook (huge following on FB) and she and her Malaysian friends said Ipoh is pretty good. Stick to what you know, Grand Slam Breakfasts…:slight_smile:


Yeah, would you give your Ferrari to a mechanic who only knows how to work on Pintos?

(sounds of crickets…)


Here, this is just a sampling of what my wife made for dinner…keep in mind she does all the cooking on Sunday for the whole upcoming week. No Denny’s or American chain fast food for us!!!


You’re living the dream sir.


Is she free on Saturday? Come over to cook for her ultra friendly neighbor.


OK. I will try the Texas Roadhouse in Tracy next time I am around there.


Yeah, and honestly the sad thing is, I am a really simple eater in that I could eat basic, basic chinese food (stuff that our Fearless Leader probably eats at East Lake) all day. I like spicy foods but some of the Malaysian stuff I just don’t dig too much (even though quite popular with everyone else). Unfortunately, you can take the boy out of Chinatown but you can’t take the Chinatown out of the boy…


Uh oh…


Told you Yelp is crap. Their tech has not progressed at all. You noticed you got recommendations from Amazon all the time? You may like this or you may enjoy that. But nothing from Yelp. Why not? It should know what people checked in, bookmarked and reviewed on, right?

And its website has not changed at all for 10 years. Still a mess.

Maybe Mark Z can show them some pity and buy them out for some pocket changes?


It has its shortcomings but in theory not totally crap. No different from Craigslist right? Same fairly primitive user interface yet gets the job done. Conceptually, I like the idea of a community review device that everyone can chime in on a business to arrive at some aggregate rating if you will. Nothing’s perfect…


No wonder we are seeing so many of these places popping up everywhere…


Here ya go, Fearless Leader… says it all. Does not promote the food quality of Chinatown vs your peninsula places. Sometimes, you just need some grease…


Hot pot is cool. In Hong Kong people are known to crank their AC all the way up to arctic temperature to hot pot. It’s insane.


I wish they had a pic of the outside of this place. I’ve never seen a Chinese restaurant this big. The reviews aren’t good. I haven’t been to it yet.


Def never been to any of these places, but just a quick and dirty search on my good friend Yelp again for your fair city suggests this place (solid 4 stars, 1k+ reviews). Have you tried it?


I haven’t tried it. I need to try more different restaurants. I found my favorites within walking distance and tend to stick with those.


Sounds like you and I are similar. I figure, why try something new to be only disappointed when I could have had my chicken wings and been on Cloud 9… wifey not too happy and has to try other foods with her girlfriends. Oh well, she married a Chinatown boy, what do you expect? Him to eat caviar??? Forget it!!!


Hot damn! I gave up a prime Gary Danko reservation (J/K) for a visit back to the stomping grounds that is Chinatown!!! Dang, the owner “berated” me for not coming in for so long…(my bad, Sifu!!)

Extra spicy snails in black bean sauce

3 color chinese steamed egg

steamed pork pie

Damn, I give you TEN Yelp stars!!!


OK, traditional dishes. Looks alright. Tasted good?


Yeah, I missed my snails…