You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Ordered delivery from the gigantic Chinese restaurant. The plastic bag said “Mucho Gracias”. What Chinese place does that? The food was mediocre. Yelp was right.


Ok, instead of relying or even looking at Yelp, based on this write-up, this place sounds pretty good. Hey, the dude won an equivalent Gold Medal…


Ok. I am sold. Need to go check it out.


you sure manch, it’s a 4 star on yelp. i thought your theory is that anything above 3 for chinese food is bad


Hey, I didn’t even look…


Yeah I noticed that. But once in a while you need to take a gamble…


Instead of fortune cookies, how about some hot lead for ya???


God, I can smell it from here…


I will be in Taiwan next week (Taipei for most of the time and Beitou for 2 days). Recommendations?


The restaurant at the 84th or 85th floor of the 101 Tower is good. I thought the portions everywhere were small. We had suppliers there, so they were taking us to the nicer places. That’s the one that stood out.


Din Tai Fung. yes they are everywhere in Taiwan, but the best Din Tai Fung I have had is in Taiwan.


Thanks guy… I literally done zero research/planning for this trip. I’m leaving this Friday. haha


Din Tai Fung is just mediocre to me. XLB way overrated.


Lisbon is a tad far for some Chinese but what can you do???


ding tai fun in taiwan taipei is very good, The menu is different as well.
Here -> overprice normal stuff, the crab meat shaolongbao is POS


I never liked XLB. If I have to choose I’d rather eat pan fried pork buns.


@caiguy Maybe too late, but there is a big but crowded DinTaiFung at the base of 101. If you have an expense account try the pricey Kagaya (hejiawu) Beitou for traditional Japanese setting. For someone who likes desserts more maybe mango ice at Ice Monster Xinyi. Personally I would rather take the MRT to Danshui and rent a bike depending on the weather.



I did go to DinTaiFung at Taipei 101. The place was busy but very efficient. We were seated in less than 30m but we were only a party of 2. It was my first time and I enjoyed it very much. We ordered way too much.

We were in Beitou but we were at the Grand View Resort for the hot springs. We did eat a few local places near the Beitou MRT station. Good food again.

I had mango ice but not at Ice Monster. It was just a random place near my hotel in Taipei. It was delicious.
We also went to Danshui and walked around. It was nice until a big storm rolled in.

Overall, I had a very positive experience in Taipei. Good food, friendly people.

I just couldn’t do constant hot and cold. Outside I was dying from the heat and humidity but then inside, the AC was on so high that I was freezing. I came back Saturday and is now trying to recover from a cold :mask:.


Welcome back, @caiguycaiguy your properties went up again…:slight_smile:


@caiguycaiguy now you can only eat our so-called “Chinese” food again… I lost all motivation to go out for dinners ever since my trip. Why bother? Food is crap all around. :sob: