You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


So true. I been avoiding “Chinese food” since I got back…


Have some San Tung chicken wings and you’ll feel much better!!!

(Sweet, just earned another commission for today…heh heh heh)


Are you still looking for Hainan Chicken Rice? Or did you eat enough in Taiwan for a lifetime? :slight_smile:

Came across this article (in Chinese) about where to get HCR in Bay Area:


Not seeing San Jose on the list, Manch…


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I finally went yesterday. I was down in SJ to watch Book of Mormons (funny show). This was my early dinner. I say the place is solid 4 stars.

I had chicken with rice and a mung bean drink. The chicken was nicely cooked but it wasn’t seasoned well. Maybe it is suppose to be like this so I can get the “chicken taste.” There were 3 sauces to sauce up the chicken . The orange one was a bit sweet with a hint of sour and some spice. There was the classic ginger scallion and soy sauce. The drink was good too.

This was a good spot so thanks Manch for the finding it for me. I think my problem is I’m looking the Chinese/Hong Kongese version with the buttered/yellow rice. I need to revisit Shooting Star Café in Oakland Chinatown. There chicken rice was pretty if I remembered correctly.


ABC in noriega used to have good hainan chicken rice when it was $19 bucks a chicken, the chicken has chicken taste
now i think it’s like 23 or 25, last time few months ago i order it, still okay, but taste is not as good, maybe it’s a off day or they cut the cost, but still decent compare to other places. Not many places the chicken has chicken taste nowdays. I’m sure manch know what i’m talking about.


In my opinion, ABC has gone downhill over the years since I moved to the Sunset. We used to occasionally go there but other places are just better. I am still a big fan of Lam Hoa Thuan but what was pretty decent was Guangdong Barbeque Tea House up the street. I honestly DO NOT usually eat roast duck but my wife made me try it, it was quite good. If I go by Manch’s theory, its solid 3 stars should be equivalent to a Michelin star, right???


I think a lot has to do with the minimum wage increase, not only ABC but pretty much all restaurant i go the quality has gone down. they can’t raise the price too much so only way is to cut cost. one owner told me not only rent, the worker’s comp raise like 40 percent last yr, and that minimum wage increase really kill them. He did tried to raise but immediately within a month, he has to roll back some cuz he sees business suddenly slows down a lot. So he has to cut cost somewhere. smaller disk, or less ingredient, use less gas and so on…


Agreed, but Lam Hoa Thuan is more often than not, packed!!! No one has better cooked chili hot sauce, no one!!!


Lam Hoa thuan currently has very good chicken. I used to love ABC hoinan chicken more ,but they downgraded their quality. now for chicken i only buy from lam hoa thuan. they also have the best consistency.
A lot of these restaurant is very inconsistent , one time you go, pretty good, next day bad as hell.


Guangdong up the street is pretty good. Not to say Cheung Hing is anything to really write home about (yet the line is there after work everyday…) but the roast duck I tried at Guangdong was not overly fatty and BBQ’d nicely. From Yelp, I see others mentioning the roast duck. Yeah, pretty good and they give dessert even after a light dinner order!!! Boom!!!


Unfortunately I know what you are talking about.


Cheung Hing used to be more decent until they changed owners many years ago…the demise of the roast duck/pork empire…


Since I live reasonably close to Cheung Hing, with its demise, my property value got impacted. I will submit to the city for property tax reassessment lower. Official reason: poor duck quality


cheung hing is not good, only thing good is big dish, the one in millbrae even worse, roast pork will break your teeth, they roasted over done so bad it’s like a rock


I tried that San Jose Chicken place. Not impressed. The rice doesn’t have the signature flavor. I will try the above list to see anything good there. @dioworld says ABC in Sunset is alright.


The chicken in the picture looks raw to me…Do you eat that rubbery looking skin? I like chicken skin to be crispy


Hmmm, not seeing any restaurant from San Jose but two of my favs from the Fab 7x7…

Ok, you cats need to go to So Cal for some famed Hainan chicken…