You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


fake news.


You are dealing with a bunch of uncivilized savages here who like to eat raw chicken dripping with blood with the least bit of regard for salmonella…


If Little Sheep makes it on the list then something is definitely wrong.


Come on, nobody here can chime in about the place in Los Altos? Sounds pretty good. I was down there in Los Altos today on my day off, picking up something from a Craigslist seller. Nice neighborhood, we chatted about RE of course for awhile. Ok, I can see why you cats love it down there so much…

Tonight we tried the hole in the wall House of Pancakes on Taraval. My millennial co-worker goes there often so I had to try it. Not bad. Pretty cheap for hand pulled noodles and although I don’t like lamb my wife’s lamb skewers were a good deal for 4 fully loaded skewers. My coworker loves the beef roll, I concur…


Interesting list. I’ve dined at Enjoy Vegetarian, San Tung, Chef Chu’s, and Little Sheep San Mateo many times. However I don’t think any of them is really that good. If I were to pick my favorite, I’d probably go with Koi Palace in Daly City for dinner and Peony in Oakland Chinatown for dim sum.


Boy, the things I do for my Sweetie! I picked up some smelly, durian dim sum pastries and cake for her. God, this stuff smelled up my car big time!!!


OMG, San Tung was in full effect tonight!!! How many tables ahead of us, at 8:30???

Damn, those chicken wings were awesome!!! The 4 dudes next to us had 3 plates of chicken wings!!! I give them credit, they almost finished all of them plus all of the other dishes. San Tung, you rock!!!


Why go there on a Saturday night? Always go on a weeknight where there’s least traffic.


Sometimes we just have that urge for it and we go. If you go later, you can get in like we did. I would love to know how many lbs of chicken wings they go through each day…


What happens to the rest of the chicken?


Well, you probably haven’t been there, but we are talking about essentially buffalo wings so wings and drummettes(?) from presumably young chickens, not fully grown birds. I would guess they buy just the raw pieces in tons…


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What happens to the rest of the chicken?


I wish my IRS buddy gets to audit them one day…then I can get the scoop. I won’t disclose it but he had some interesting things to say about a local casino that he audited…


Ok, Sf Chinatown making a comeback!!!


Please. SF lost. Just heard my millennial niece and her friends make regular trips from SF to South Bay for Chinese food. Another confirmation South Bay >> SF when it comes to real Chinese food.


Come on, the chinese food here in the Bay ain’t that bad…


I would invest in a Chinese restaurant because the American ones are closing by the thousands.


$325 beef noodle soup. Must be really good


$325 you can place a few orders of buddha jumps over the wall. It’s not like the beef is A5 wagyu.


Talk about costly food that is also detrimental to your health… and people are willing to line up to purchase illness :rofl: