You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


It’s not a marketing gimmick. This price has been there for 10 years

“The price tag was left blank for almost 14 years – we asked customers to pay what they thought it was worth. Many said they were willing to pay TWD10,000 for the noodles. And in 2007, we decided to make that the official price.”

Wang recommends making a reservation two days in advance.



Damn, it may not be Chinese food but the wifey killed it with her homemade chicken satay tonight!!! Hella good!!!

We really need to think about opening up a lil Malaysian takeout spot, Sweetie!!!


Let’s have the holiday party at your place before your wife takes off! :smile:


Dude, I am already pleading for her to make me a ton of food (freezer) for the 3 weeks of hell…


Is there a mcdonalds near you? :grin:


Come on, there are plenty of healthier choices around me but me spoiled now…:grinning:


That’s a lot of chicken satay for a party of two :slight_smile:


She gives her friends a lot of the food she cooks. Once they see it on Facebook, they are at the front door…



QingWai Wong (Connecticut): It wasn’t so much a passion for food as much as it was making sure they could provide for their family.

This is why most of the food here tastes mediocre at best…


Better keep this list handy when Sweetie leaves me for 3 freaking weeks in December!!!


Poor you… :rofl:


You don’t know how to cook?


Sure, college style…


In college, I was making Chinese sausage rice in my rice cooker and steaming the yu choy… People in my dorms would line up for my rice but they ate theirs with just soy sauce…

I’m surprised you don’t throw it down in the kitchen but you have plenty of good food options around. You’ll be more than alright.


Yes, who knows where I would be (6 feet under probably or waiting in line at Cheung Hing) without the trusty rice cooker.

Again, it is not like I can’t cook but once you’ve driven Ferraris (eaten my wife’s cooking) you don’t want to go back to driving a Ford Pinto (my cooking)…


Come on, not that place for Cali…


I’ve been eating Chinese all my life. Back home, there were 3 places. Though, to be sincere, back then we didn’t know Chang is not a Chinese last name but Japanese. But they had a Chinese restaurant.

I came to the US, and still loved the Chinese food, but what I started to notice was that once the restaurant began to be popular, they started to fall apart in quality. And excuse my sincerity, but the cashiers or owners, not a single smile on their face. That has really gotten me to the point that not only I go all prejudiced knowing the quality is not that good, but no customer service, not a “how are you”, but that wrinkled face. As if they hated me for being no Chinese or that’s the way they have been accustomed to treat others.

Still, bring me Chow Mein, I don’t care if you are mad at me or at the world.