You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Well, years ago I asked one of my sisters to ask the Changs for letters from China (I thought) because some of the stamps are very valuable. I got letters from Japan. :joy:


Koi Palace is good, or that’s what I heard. I ate there maybe once or twice in the last 20 years. Lines are too damn long. I’d rather drive down to East Lake if I have to wait for 2 hours.

Now that KP’s are in Milpitas and Dublin, I wonder if these newer KP’s are as good? I have eaten at Dublin’s Koi Palace Express many times. Food is legit, and best of all no lines.


Koi Palace is okay. IMO the one in Dublin is the best out of the three for dim sum, followed by Daly City, then Milpitas. Perhaps it was an anomaly but the one time I went to the Milpitas location the food was cold by the time it reached my table. The only good thing about that location is you can reserve a table for lunch with a small party on Yelp.


They might be Chinese descendants in Japan. Chinese restaurants in Japan are worse than Panda Express or PF Chang’s. They have limited items on the menu (mapo tofu, gyoza, fried rice, pepper beef stir-fry and that’s about it).

Also, Chang can be a Korean surname.



Uh, when did chain restaurants mean really good???


Those places sound good though. Hope they plan to expand north…


Quality is usually more consistent at chain restaurants. It tends to be a hit or miss with mom and pop eateries.


Consistency does not necessarily mean really good. If that were the case, you cats would be raving about PF Chang…


Consistency doesn’t mean bad or good, it just means the food will meet your expectation, hence why these chains are expanding because people at least won’t be surprised by the food.


I believe, in my own experience that chain stores or restaurants lose the key ingredients, or the way they treat people.

I loved Pollo Loco, until lately they missed the recipe for the hot sauce I used to love. Now, it tastes sour, no desire for me to eat there anymore.


Agreed, but the article’s slant (no pun intended) is that the food is really good or that LA is the center of Chinese food because of these chains. Uh no, LA is not the center of the chinese food world because of these chains.


I just think more competition and different kind of competition will help make everyone improve.


Just serve me Chow Mein, I am happy. Well done that is, not done in a hurry, and with an amicable smile on your face. :smiley:


Well, actually the opposite could well happen. How can a small, innovative mom and pop restaurant really compete against the glitzy and glamour of a large chain? Sure, can be done (see San Tung) but difficult.



Have you visited the Chinese restaurants in Santa Clara county? Some of them cooks are Mexicans.


Stay away from those…

Well, let’s think about it. I can see busboys or dishwashers maybe being non Asian but better not be the actual wok cooks!!! Now that would be a violation of massive proportions!!!


This was a good read. Thanks for sharing.

My dad works in the industry… It’s not an easy life but at least he didn’t need to go far for work.


Yeah, interesting read (and not like we didn’t know chinese restaurant workers had it rough). It is amazing how many of these folks back in the day, scratched and saved, to one day buy a house. So, no sympathy from me for folks today who batch and moan about no money for house.