You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


You will be in for a big surprise…:wink:


No, I hear ya. Who hasn’t seen the watering down of Japanese sushi restaurants that seem to be void of actual Japanese personnel, especially the sushi chefs? You may not know the difference, but when I hear Cantonese being spoken by the workers in a sushi place, I am not happy.


I wouldn’t know if they are speaking Chinese or Japanese. I know “Mexican”. LOL


Most all restaurant workers are Latino… Not many Japanese food service workers left


I used to be bothered by that too. But nowadays, as long as the food is good, I don’t give a dam who made it.

It’s just like most of the Western food I eat are cooked by Latino line cooks anyways. It doesn’t matter if the cuisine is French, Italian or American.


What happened to you???:grin:



Capital is my spot if I want to eat Chinese for lunch.


Embarrassingly, I have never gone there despite growing up in Chinatown. I frequent places more on Washington and Jackson Streets. Don’t tell me, a rice plate for lunch is under say 7 bucks???


Nope, it’s closer to 8-10…

Their chicken wings are super popular. Almost every table gets at least one order.


Geez, nothing is sacred and sweet like a sub $5 rice plate anymore…


Here ya go, @caiguycaiguy


How about some whole roasted hog action???


Yes, you learn something everyday…


I grew tired of using chopsticks. I only want to use my hand from now on like the Indians…


“I love Chinatown, man. I love Chinatown,” Eric says.

“We love Chinatown,” Simon echoes. “We grew up here.”

“I’m going to hold on to this (place) forever,” Eric adds.


Gee, couldn’t you come up with another name???


Stockton St is filthy as hell. The brothers should definitely move away. Even Sunset and Richmond has too many competitions. How about Millbrae?


Uh, where’s the specials on the walls and the sticky, laminated menus???