You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Still haven’t tried PF Chang. Even the name pisses me off.


Imagine fancy Panda Express with a nicer decor… (yes, generalization…)


PF Chang is not that bad. It’s a pricier chain restaurant but the food for the most part is decent. It’s definitely American Chinese/Asian Food.


PF Chang has decent Americanized food with upscale decor. the ones in San Antonio and Salt Lake City are very nice…


PF Chang is kind of cheap. At least the one in Walnut Creek is. The dishes are so tiny you’d have to order at least 5 of them to fill you up. At $20 a piece that’s well over a hundred dollars for a party of 2.


Maybe over priced in the BA… I haven’t been to one in years


Come on!!! BEST in Cali???



I prefer chopsticks over forks. Prefer to eat salads with chopsticks.


Really, chopsticks? Yes, I have to resort to the old skillz when dining with Mom and her old school gang but chopsticks??? Hard to eat rice though with plated food…



He loves going to Cantonese restaurants with her, especially New D & A Cafe in the Richmond. “It’s a hole in the wall restaurant, the best kind, that serves Hong Kong-style food with great happy-hour specials,” he says.

I went there once couple weeks back. Not bad. Nothing fancy and pretentious, my type of restaurant.


God, isn’t parking bad there (Clement, right?)?


Right. Parking on Clement is not terrible during the day. Are you telling me you don’t even go to Richmond nowadays?? Last Friday night we happened to be in the neighborhood and tried to go to D&A for a quick bite. Parking was nowhere to be found around 8:30 at night. The kids were making a fuss so we just gave up and went home. :disappointed_relieved:


We never or rarely go to the Richmond for eats. I won’t find parking for my suv and there isn’t anything that is sooo good that I would be willing to try it. How come you didn’t try a place in the Sunset, like along Irving (Lam Hoa Thuan) or Taraval (Kingdom Dumpling or Shandong Deluxe)? I know you hate San Tung, but what about Yummy Yummy next door? Plenty of decent eats…


I go to Irving and Taraval sometimes, just that nothing really stands out. My wife recently joined some Millbrae WeChat group and we are doing some more explorations down there based on her group mates’ recommendations.

Why are you driving an SUV anyway? Shouldn’t you drive a Smart car or something? Boy, I hate Smart… can’t deny they are extremely practical. If I were single I may get myself a scooter and never have to worry about city parking ever again…


I drive a suv because it is bigger and safer when transporting my elderly mother up and down the peninsula. Gas mileage is not the concern. I do use a stool in order to get my mom up there. The CRX is for commuting purposes and that gets nearly 300 miles per $20+ fill up. Can’t beat that for a 25+ year old gas car.


Uh…you haven’t tried Dragon Beaux yet.

D&A seems a bit dirty - I prefer Cafe Bakery on Noriega but you have to be careful what you order. Some dishes lack flavor.


I am not big on expensive places (even if good, I hear)… I prefer the greasy spoons and laminated menu places around town or in Chinatown. I know, I am lucky my wife tolerates it…


Yes, D&A feels a bit dirty, but price is low and food is alright, not excellent. I won’t go there unless I am in the neighborhood.