You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


True San Franciscans eat Dungeness crab on Christmas…the real San Francisco treat…


Absolutely, in fact, that sounds like what I may have since my family is getting together on Sunday instead so I may have to fend for myself. Supply and demand will prevail, so price/lb will be higher on Christmas Day, but what are you going to do? Throw a crab trap out there yourself? Just pay the man and go eat!!!


You don’t need to buy a scooter, just get the Scoot app.


Yes, saw the use of it in action with my cousin’s kid who is living the life in the Fab 7x7 via this mode of transportation.





I knew Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas from Seinfeld, the greatest comedy show of ALL time. It warms my heart. We the USA is strong because we (used to) welcome people from all corners of the world. The most American place is not some forsaken farm house in frozen Midwest. It’s the NYC street corner where 10 foreign languages are spoken.



Hey, thanks New Englanders for Jimmy G!!! I too sort of celebrated the return of wifey and New Years by eating Chinese food last night. Look at these lovely babies (26.99/lb…live prawns with eggs)!!! Talk about trying to rape the consumer… live crab even in Chinatown was 13.99-14.99/lb!!!


I love these prawns! They are best when sliced in half and steamed with minced garlic :fork_and_knife:
$13.99/lb for dungeness crab is crazy…they are not even that good; lacks real crab flavor.


Where do buy these shrimps for cheap? Chinatown? Which store exactly? I am not into seafood but wife is.


They are never cheap. We usually get these from Inner Richmond. They range between $20.99-$29.99/lb but we usually only buy them when they are under $25. They are the only prawns I like here.

My all-time favorites are the banana prawns (boiled) from Australia or the mantis shrimps (salt and pepper fried) from Asia but you can’t get them here ever :pensive:


Exactly, never really cheap. Shoot, 26.99/lb was already kinda cheaper than norm when I typically saw it at 28.99. Chinatown on Stockton near Pacific Ave… Wifey is back so I splurged since she has a thing for live prawns. I prefer crab but 13.99-14.99/lb for a lot of shell is ridiculous. I will wait…


why this year’s crab so expensive? i remember last couple years are like 5-7 bucks at winter time


It was cheaper. Got some at Carson Costco for $5.99/lb in early December


The ones at Costco are frozen. Huge difference in texture between live and frozen.


Yeah but these were very good


Supple and demand caused by too small crabs in certain areas so less catch brought in.


I just got Alaskan King Crab Legs at Vons(Safeway) for $9.99 a lb. Never saw them that cheap.


Come on, frooooozen! I want my crabs kicking and screaming!!!

Happy New Year @sheriff!!!