You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Happy New Year!!!
I don’t have the heart to throw a live crab into boiling water. I want someone else to do the killing for me!


Another location for you cats who like Hainan chicken. 3rd one in the city…


That’s the place I mentioned to @caiguycaiguy a while back, but the menu doesn’t seem authentic. It’s not real Hainan chicken without the chicken rice.


Picture looks crappy. The one at Koi Palace Express in Dublin looks much fancier. Haven’t tried it though. I always ended up eating something else. Not a chicken rice kinda guy.


Yeah, I know, but 3rd location. I too am not a white, plain chicken eater but I know some of you guys are. We move on then…


White meat is gross.


I have gone there a few times already. I like the sauce and rice but chicken is just okay.,



Our family will definitely go, but not during the first few months when it will be super crazy… @harriet, have you tried Hai Di Lao yet?


I had Hai Di Lao in mainland China a few years ago. Food was tasty/fresh and the service was superb even without tips. I remember I gave the server 50 RMB and she looked like she was about to cry for joy…here you give the server a 15%-20% tip for mediocre service and they are still unhappy.

I don’t have high expectations of the restaurant here, probably Little Sheep grade.


But you will still make the trip to try, no?


I just scanned the menu someone posted on Yelp…looks like it’s on the pricey end. I might go if I happen to be in the area, otherwise I wouldn’t make the trip down there just for this…


That dessert place “Meet Fresh” is in the same complex. You can have hot pot and then dessert. :smile:


Oh that’s where it is? I’m a big fan of Meet Fresh :shaved_ice: Now that I think about it I believe when I ate at the Hai Di Lao in Beijing a few years back I also had Meet Fresh on the same day haha…they were all in the Wangfujing area.


See? Now you must go! How about tomorrow? :smile:


Meet Fresh … :-1: Amateur compared to those deserts offered at Singapore’s Chinatown Complex
Hai Di Lao … :-1: Hot pot at home is more fun and can eat whatever ingredients you want. My family went there to eat yesterday… queue 4 hours… leave your contact, don’t have to be there, they will call you.
There are so many new hot pot restaurants and all very crowded… tried everyone, so so :shushing_face: but always very crowded :zipper_mouth_face:


Yoda you like to be in crowded places don’t you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless the food is fantastic I wouldn’t wait in line for more than 30 minutes…


Man, I was about to get my San Tung fix mid afternoon yesterday after showing my realtor buddy my Oakland property and the wait was still 6 tables ahead. He wouldn’t wait… Come on!! I am paying you on my time!!! He made me go next door…:sob:


Next door as in Yummy Yummy and not San Tung 2? I agree with him, San Tung is not worth the wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, Yummy Yummy. Actually, not sure if #2 was open (didn’t even think about it). YY was good…