You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


I refuse to wait for restaurant food. Would rather prepare my own food than stand in line…


Why didn’t you guys just eat in Oakland??? I know it’s not Fab food out there but we peons manage to scarf it down…


Well, my realtor is SF/Millbrae based so we just decided to head back to the west side for a quick bite. He didn’t want his expensive rims stolen if we stopped even for an hour in Oakland… just kidding!!!


No wonder I used to eat that same rice plate all the time as a lad…


Well, close enough…food made by a Chinese :grinning: ooooow, brisket!!!



Not Chinese food but I tried Marugame Udon at Stonestown for dinner tonight (4 stars on Yelp FWIW). Place just opened last week. Not good. If anyone plans to go I suggest you to rethink…


Darn. I was waiting in line for lunch last Saturday. The line was super crazy long and it was 3pm already. After waiting for 20 minutes we said fuck it and went to Blaze instead.

I looked at the pictures on their menu and I can tell right away their stuff is no good. Not surprisingly Yelp has some glowing reviews. Last time I checked they had 4 stars. Yelp sucks.


Thanks for the tip. Since it is Stonestown, I figured it wasn’t going to be good.

I tried Simmer hot pot on Taraval. Pretty good for wagyu beef and AYCE.

Yelp is the medium. Do not hate the medium. Hate the users who can’t tell good udon from bad. Ok, so @harriet did you go on Yelp and post a negative review so that their rating gets ever closer to its true number? If you did, great, but if you didn’t well no wonder Yelp ratings are off. People aren’t doing their due diligence of updating the data!!!


Very level-headed remark. Kudos to you! :wink:


The burger place that closed down was pretty good. Way better than this udon place IMO.

I don’t trust Yelp at all. Thought I’d let you know it’s 4 stars since you like the site so much that you might be tricked into eating there. Can careless if it never gets to its true rating. Just giving you a friendly warning :slight_smile:


Well, sure, how can anyone trust Yelp if people like you don’t make it better by submitting your negative comments when justified? More than likely, biased patrons who are perhaps associated with the establishment probably gave the place great remarks to help it get going at the beginning BUT if you think about it if your negative reviews are properly submitted presumably that high rating is lowered over time to its true equilibrium point. Again, don’t hate the medium when you can’t even use it right.


I am the kind of guy that would negative views so that I wouldn’t have to stand in line for 20min… I don’t trust yelp. Because I don’t trust the posters…


I disregard comments like that honestly. I only really care about comments about how the food is. If the food is good, I am willing to wait. When people go ga ga about the food and then ding the place because it is small for example is just ridiculous. Judge the food, idiots, not the owners for not having perhaps the money to build a larger establishment just yet!!!



How about we just focus on the Good places you guys personally recommend . Leave Yelp out.


Unfortunately, we all have different opinions on what is good so that a consensus can never be reached. Yelp is fine if one understands the concept of it. You can’t be like some people who actually think they only need to put gas in a car…


I use Yelp all the time and think it’s good enough. But we got some haters here that we won’t ever convince.


Exactly, Sir. Yelp is only as good as you contribute towards it, meaning you actively post your true experiences (good or bad) so that reviewers/users AFTER YOU will in theory get an updated rating. Yelp is a live, breathing animal that evolves as you go. It is not static. You have to feed it for it to live and thrive. And again, if you hate it so much, DON’T use it AT ALL then. See how far you get without it…

(Yes, slight disclaimer is necessary as Yelp is one of my personal larger clients I work with…)


No. Yelp sucks.

The very fundamental problem of yelp is that they treat everyone the same. I have different taste than you and you have different taste than @harriet. We should get our own recommendations based on what we like. Imagine Netflix didn’t give you any recommendations and just let you loose on their catalog.

But that’s too much to ask for a “tech” company it seems. Netflix has been giving out recommendations for as long as I remember. The entire premise of Facebook is their personalized newsfeed. Yelp has been around for more than 10 years and it has not updated their tech ever.


It is the people that use Yelp that suck. I don’t believe social media is righteous or effective in determining the truth. Yelpers are too often just bragging exhibitionists.
Look at me how cool am I hanging at the new trendy spot