You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Japanese food doesn’t have a deep bench. How many dishes are there?


I can probably eat Indian for 2-3 days straight and then I’m done…too much spice.


sushi, ramen, udon, donburi, izakaya, yakiniku, yakitori, tempura, shabu shabu, sukiyaki… mmm i’m getting hungry just listing all these out


I feel like shabu shabu is a poor man’s version of the Chinese hot pot, same with sukiyaki. My friends are crazy about Japanese food…I guess it sounds sexier to say you like Japanese food than Chinese food :joy:


The only Japanese food I like is salmon sashimi… the belly portion only.


Japanese food is just meh to me, except the A5 wagyu. Tried that recently and now I am a believer.


Raw fish doesn’t need cooking and so there’s no skill involved making it. You just cut up the fish. Besides eating raw meat is just gross. :face_vomiting:


manch knows so little about sashimi.


Raw fish can be good if it’s fresh and the cut is right. Raw meat, on the other hand, is absolutely disgusting. The first time I had steak tartare (at Santana Row, I’ll never forget it) I was about to puke :face_vomiting:


I had raw horse sashimi-style in Japan. It was fine but I’ll pass on it next time.


Savage :horse:


Would you rather have raw meat or cooked worms?


Cooked worms are not too bad. I once had soup with little dried worms in it.

How about the Vietnamese raw beef? I was assured it’s not really raw because it’s treated somehow. Not interested.


Cooked worms are actually quite tasty. A Cantonese village delicacy.


I’d rather starve to death, but if I am drunk (which I never am because I don’t drink), I’d pick cooked worms, they better be fried though. Pretend they are chips. Raw meat is a huge no no. Think of all the bacteria entering your body. Gross!!!


you seem quite a picky eater… no japanese, no seafood, no pho… but cooked worms are a ok! :slight_smile:


I am not a picky eater at all. Except raw fish or raw meat I don’t mind anything. Just that I don’t get excited about Japanese food. I actually love pho, and Vietnamese pork chop. Vietnamese sandwich is great too. Now that I think about it I like Vietnamese food much more than Japanese.


Talking about vietnamese… what are some good places in the BA?


Bon appetit


Yum. :blush: