You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?




Beef organs is freshman level chinese food.

Chicken feet is upper level.

Worms is graduate school. :smile:


You’re probably cried for joy after tasting it. Regretting why you’ve not eaten them earlier.


Grass hopper? Monkey brain? Dog meat? Newly born mouse, birds… (eat raw)
Python? Never mind, taste like chicken.


Those are post doc level. I haven’t tried those yet. :cold_sweat:

I had snake soup once. Don’t remember the taste. Anyone swallowed raw snake galls?


Read that in fung fu novels.


You guys are all savages :scream_cat:


Yes. Nothing special.


Oh my, the bad luck of 14 is back baby!!!



Also needs to have 3-3.5 yelp stars. Too many it means too Americanized. Too few food sucks.


Hole in the wall - bingo, that’s kinda like San Tung. Before #2, a smallish restaurant in the sleepy Sunset

Low Sanitary Grade - bingo, San Tung got dinged

Mean Cashier Lady - bingo, San Tung has one

Asians are eating there - bingo, plenty of asians there

San Tung, the greatest Chinese restaurant in the Western Hemisphere!!!


My favorite 30 years ago was Sam Wo’s. Great greasy chow fun. Could bring your own beer. Rude waiters drunk patrons Open very late. 100 years old


Actually, my parents don’t consider San Tung as Chinese food. Because they saw Westerners eating chicken wings there… :rofl:


Yes, that was a classic place in Chinatown. Unfortunately, the new version is just not the same…


Yummy Szechuan and wonderful in millbrae, both are pretty good
my contractor from szechuan , he took me to both. and i like it although i’m not really into spicy


You need to get out more, otherwise you are going to be disqualified as a Chinese person at this rate.


I went to wonderful once. Not really impressed with the food. But we have small children so couldn’t go all out spicy. I can give it another shot.


Come on, I hang out in Chinatown whenever I get the opportunity. I eat at the dive Chinese places frequented by the local Chinese folks. I slurp up snails and speak so loudly like any Toisan person would. My wife is embarrassed by how chinese I can be at times…


you have to order the right stuff. wonderful order the smoke pork stuff, they’re famous for that
I’m still learning how to order these spicy szechuan , hunan stuff.