You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Granted it is dim sum, but we need one of these to spring up around these parts… (doesn’t actually sound that inexpensive, though)


Where is the best dim sum in SF? Does it have anything decent?


Well, according to the youngster @harriet, Dragon Beaux is the sheeet… Me no chance to go yet to see if Ms. Harriet is on point or not…

Come on, many decent places for dim sum in SF. City View is good. Yang Sing of course caters to the wine and cheese crowd. Tong Kong is not bad. Hong Kong Flower Lounge I think my wife loves for its durian pastry.


Tim Ho Wan has very good dim sum but not enough selections. I had it in both Singapore and Hong Kong and the food was consistent across the board.


City View is more catered to tourists and mediocre at best. Last time I ate at Hong Kong Flower Lounge the food was awful (granted that was several years ago and I haven’t been back since).


HK Flower Lounge is in Millbrae, no? Went there for dinner a couple times and it had one of the worst Chinese food in my opinion, at the price they are charging.

For now I get my dim sum fix in Dim Sum King in Daly City and Asian Pearl in Millbrae. Tried Yang Sing a couple times too but I don’t remember a thing about the food. Must not be super good.


You’ve obviously driven ferrari dim sum… we used to toyota dim sum around here…


No, the one on Geary Blvd. Or is that called Harbor Village? Maybe that. Has durian pastry. Smelled up my car…but wifey happy


That one is Hong Kong Lounge, no Flower haha


Ok, that sounds more like it. I guess I still miss that old place in the Embarcadero (Harbor Village).

Do you like durian too? My wife LOVES it and OMG the smell is absolutely gross. If that doesn’t clear up your sinuses, I don’t know what will. Maybe stinking tofu… yeah that is bad too


I know what you are talking about; I went to Harbor Village once but I believe they shut down shortly after.

Durian is gross, but I like stinky tofu (albeit t has to be fried; the steamed stinky tofu is disgusting).


Next time, ask for XOd24 & better,


Durian is alright. I am not a big fan but I don’t hate it either.


A boba drink with supposedly real durian in the Sunset = 10 bucks now… only in the Fab 7x7 folks… Oh, Marco Polo ice cream on Taravel. pretty good stuff. a pint of durian ice cream - 20 bucks… yeah, 20 bucks… me velly velly poor…:cry:


Well $10 for durian boba is much better value than $4 slice of bread


We aint in Kansas anymore…


Just went to Dragon Beaux. Boy, is it expensive. Family of four: two adults and two small children the bill came out to $80, not including tips. Call me spoiled but I used to pay half that price down in East Lake…

Food is uneven. Its chicken congee is at East Lake’s level, which is superb. Have not had any chicken congee this good after we moved. My wife was impressed. Baked BBQ pork buns, shrimp dumplings (har gaw) and egg custard buns are good. But some other dishes like chicken feet and beef tripe are pretty lousy.

At this price level I expect more. So conclusion: we may go back there for a few good dishes, but we will be very careful with what we order.


Oh, one more thing about Dragon Beaux. It’s THE MOST FANCY dim sum joint I have ever been to. If you want to impress your date or something that’d be a good choice. Very impressive decor.


I will try to hit up East Lake one of these weekends if the wifey is up to it. Frankly, if we go down that far South we mind as well have something we really like, Boiling Crab…

But again, in scrutinizing Yelp, it looks like the place is pretty good but again why is it that it doesn’t get consistent 4-5 stars but only 3s or the occasional 5 star? Not everyone issues a consistent positive message/review, and to me that is telling. Only 400+ reviews??? That to me means, people were ok with it but nothing to write home about. Again, people are not inclined to write a whole review if quite frankly it is not a great place. Adding this to your resume, if you will, will probably reduce your credibility. Sorry, Sir, when it smells like salted fish…it’s salted fish :slight_smile:


I remember someone mention Cooking Papa on here. Went last weekend for Dim Sum and it was good. Really salty though.