You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Yet you don’t do chicken feet. Failed.


Come on, a lot of chinese folks don’t do chicken feet!!!


True test of how Chinese you are is your command of the Chinese language, not your love for Chinese food.


Then, I mind as well be blonde and blue eyed…


How sad… :rofl:


Please, Chinese school was boring and a drag. I didn’t miss a thing. Shoot, I have the next best thing: a wife who is fluent in every major Chinese dialect there is practically. She and I would make a kiss-ass RE agent team I think…


Having a spouse fluent in the language is different from being fluent and literate yourself. You will never understand the true joy of mastering the language.


Native language doesn’t count. Only mastering a foreign language deserves respect.


Uh, big whooop… I could honestly care less. I speak and use the Chinese language FOR ordering food mostly. Wow, real mind-bending stuff…


My goodness can you be more shallow. Imagine what you wouldn’t be able to do had you not known how to speak English. Now replace that with Chinese. Missing out big time.


Not knowing Chinese in America is hardly a handicap. I learned French in school. Should have learned Spanish. Great benefit in the construction restaurant and hotel businesses. I hired a Korean tile contractor for my spec homes. He barely spoke English. His crew only spoke Spanish. It was tough. But somehow we worked it out. I know enough Spanish to get the basics built.


I’m kidding, but honestly it was the smartest thing to do when I decided one day that, Mom, I want to concentrate on English school instead of also going to Chinese school. Please, speaking and being able to read English is by far more useful in the real world. Everyone speaks English now, even in Asian countries. Look at our favorite Asian paradise, Singapore. English, baby. Yes, my wife is quite talented in being fluent in so many Chinese dialects, but let’s get real for a minute, who does she go to when she needs to phrase something in English to a client or wants to find an English word that fits the bill? Moi.


So you speak French, too? :sunglasses:


Skate to where the puck is going not where it was.
Time for the boomers to leave, welcome millennial Harriet.


I believe you are older than me…


Try speaking English in Japan.


Or Russia. But most places English is all need. As long as you speak loudly…:sunglasses:

I doubt Chinese works well In Japan. Or Thailand for that matter. I got around fine with English. Besides just hire a guide. Cheaper than trying to learn 20 languages just to go travel. The one language I really want but don’t need is Italian. Besides everyone knows basic Italian, spaghetti lasagna linguine pizza expresso


cappuccino por favore


Chinese actually works better in Japan than English due to the number of foreign exchange students from China/Taiwan in major cities, although I didn’t use Chinese and English at all when I was in Japan since I know some Japanese (albeit kindergarten level).


In Singapore, politicians have started to learn to speak Mandarins and dialects, of course including Bahasa Melayu and Tamil. Time is changing. If you’ve not been living under a rock, you should know there is an emerging dragon in the East.


Please, Japan is a country on the way out. They can’t even make people want to have kids.