You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



Well, prove it was the food and not related to your pre-existing conditions…


At my advanced age I have decided to never eat at a buffet again. That includes casinos and cruise ships. I always over eat and never feel great after. And many times get ill. Eating food sitting around at room temperature is like playing Russian roulette.

I don’t know if King Buffett is a national chain but it is the last buffet I have been to . Both my wife and I got ill. King Buffet in Carson city is literally a shit hole.
Had to shit on the side of the road. Couldn’t make it home. The King Buffet places should be banned.


I looked up Webster’s for a definition of “gold mine” and guess what I saw? SAN TUNG

Tonight, at 8:15 (they close in one hour now) there were 27 parties in line ahead of us if we wanted to wait…uh no. Nope, went back closer to home and has some excellent sizzling sea bass and fresh hamachi kama at one of our other fav spots in the Sunset!!! You can keep your stinking chicken wings (for now, we will come back when convenient, sorry to be so mean… really, sorry…don’t ban us!!!)


Szechuan food. Looks a bit on the oily side.


Guessing here —- taraval okazu ya? I used to like that olace but now I find them too chatoic and the dining room too messy.


Going to dinner should not be like going to the DMV. I refuse to wait in line just to eat. Faster and better to cook my own food.


Bingo! Yeah, quite crowded at times but reasonable and homey. Now, with the removal of car spaces on parts of Taraval, much harder to park now.


Ha. You said Sizzling and that is what I guessed. Is Ben still running the place? I was going there up until a few years ago. I remember Maggie also running the front end of the house with Ben. However, Maggie left a few years ago and then I stopped going. Maggie I felt was a good foil to Ben. Both of them were customer focused and try their best to keep the dining room well organized. When Maggie left, I felt that the organization level went down, the chaos went up, and the cleanliness of the dining room went down.


BTW for awesome chicken wings —- Korean Fried Chicken —- ODUMAK. On Taraval at 17th across from Safeway. You can thank me later :slight_smile:


Oh, ok, we will have to try it…


My friend worked there for a summer in her college days and she said the owner of that place was stingy as hell. Also I am not sure about the food qualtiy of a Chinese owned sushi place.


Milk tea champion.


There is nothing weird about a milk tea class if there is a class for walking.


I’d actually like to take that class. Looks legit.


Here you go:

Class is in Kwai Chung :airplane:


if they have it in november , I’ll go take it.


Seems like there are classes every month, but they probably don’t release them so far in advance? That video should have put down their contact info for an additional revenue stream…making me do all the leg work :angry:


Good milk tea is surprisingly hard to find. Still haven’t found any worth drinking in Bay Area. :cry:


Try Cafe Orchid, at Millbrae.

A hole in the wall. The owner is from the infamous (now closed) VIP Cafe in San Francisco China Town.

Cafe Orchid