You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


He’s a regular there already.

VIP is closed??? :scream_cat:


I don’t think I tried the milk tea at Orchid. OK. I will try it next time.


Saw this on a relative’s wechat. Many westerners will be grossed out I am sure, if they know what they are. :smile:


Duck tongue? Not a fan.


Why not? Not into kissing ducks? :smile:


I admit I am a little grossed out myself too. Losing my chineseness. :sweat:


You already lost it with your anti-seafood diet…


Michelle star quality Fishball noodle


If anybody is visiting NY, this might be something to check out…


Hey, your East Lake couldn’t even crack the “Top 24 most popular restaurants.” The horror of such an omission!!!


I bet McDonald’s would be more popular meaning more customers than any of these 24. Being popular means nothing.


Oh, I really beg to differ…


Kim Kardashian


Notorious is not the same as popular. Kim is just a trashy porn queen


Do people actually find Kim attractive? :scream:


Ok, Kylie Jenner then…


They are also smart, probably smarter than some Ivy PhD


Two Words: SEX sells


She’s selling cosmetics, probably to women. That’s not selling sex.

Many people has the same resources as her, how come she is becoming a billionaire at 19?


Come on, cosmetics are meant for what? To make one look attractive, for what and whom? If women didn’t give a darn at all about their appearance would we have Sephora or any of the cosmetic chains?


She was a protege of Paris Hilton.
Copied her with the sex tape with boyfriend.
Her boyfriend was black. She found the demographic appeal that Paris could not. She became infamous and the rest is history. Her father being OJs attorney helped with the notoriety.