You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



Ok, I will pass on snails for awhile…


this one not exactly chinese, it’s vietnamese but menu is in chinese.
the chicken noodle is pretty good

noodles are fresh, chicken has chicken taste and chicken meat was hand tore out, even in the soup. the soup i believe they use the chicken shell to boil.


Cool! I will give it a try. Doesn’t look like they have garlic noodles? There’s another Vietnamese shop in outer sunset with great garlic noodles but it’s super duper expensive. Have been looking for cheaper alternatives.


Speaking of Outer Sunset, not Vietnamese and I believe you guys mentioned this place before, but if you haven’t tried this place it is pretty good. Michelin recommended…


Also Quan Ngon has 3.5 Yelp stars. The perfect number of stars. Looks legit.


You’re not talking Thanh Long are you? The sister restaurant to Crustacean? If so, yes uber expensive. A crab now is what $50 there?

Not being a racist or anything, but I found it kind of funny that I don’t see many African Americans in the Sunset or even the Fab 7x7 these days but when I have gone to Thanh Long in the past, there would be a lot of them there, in all places in the sleepy Outer Sunset. They seek out tasty roasted Vietnamese crab like the rest of us…


Yes Thanh Long indeed. Boy that’s expensive. :cry:

Their garlic noodles are the real deal though. Have not found any place half as good.


Did you order a crab? No doubt tasty when all buttered up and roasted with salt and pepper but too expensive since each person can eat a partitioned crab…

Have you tried PPQ on Clement? Their garlic noodles is not bad. They have a combo dinner dinner that is priced decently and has crab, noodles and other dishes. Parking lot a block away…


No, never heard of PPQ. Do they have the perfect 3.5 stars on Yelp?


Actually, better, 4 stars…

Old Mandarin Islamic has your “perfect” 3.5 stars if you cared…


4 stars is worse not better. Mandarin Islamic I heard is legit. No wonder it has the perfect 3.5.


Again, do you honestly believe that??? Ok, send your kid(s) to a lower ranking school then? Unbelievable…

On the subject of schools, just to give a shout out to my old coworker M whom I guess had to boast about it but his kid got into Exeter back east in New Hampshire. Wow, the best private boarding school in the US!!! Great job, M!!!


3.5 Yelp stars for Asian restaurants much better than 4 or 5 stars, FOR ME. Yes, absolutely. Tried and true. Told you many times my taste doesn’t line up well with Americans born and raised here.


Again, for an otherwise bright person, this is the stupidest logic I have ever heard TO ME…


Did you show your wife to your friends and family and have them rate her? Does your taste in women line up perfectly with the average of your friends and family?


It’s actually the same with schools. I won’t send my kids blindly to a school just because it’s rated high. Those are other people’s opinions which may or may not share my own priorities.


Uh, don’t need to, without saying a word, they usually immediately tell me how pretty my wife is or how lucky I am.


Here are not arguably but pretty much some of the top restaurants in the food capital that is the Fab 7x7. They all rotate as to who is tops but generally speaking anyone of these are considered excellent choices:

Gary Danko

All are four stars and above. Statistics and data over time don’t lie. Simple as that.

I rest my case, your Honor…


I will not go to any restaurant with a line. If I have to wait, I would rather spend the time cooking my own food. Guaranteed it will taste better.