You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Please remember that you live in a small, tourist town not known for food but for snow and water sports…


I meant in SF area. But we have 200 restaurants. More per capita than SF. But we never eat out on the touristy weekends. We like to go to Chart House on Monday’s
Happy hour . Very cheap and good. Have to be there at 4pm to beat all the blue haired old farts:sunglasses:


Hard to say who’s luckier. I think it’s her since she’s divorced.




Actually, you’re wrong again, like usual. Fact: her ex husband was rich…



The only reason why some restaurants have lines is because they allow walk-ins. Places like San Tung, granted casual and lower priced, have a waiting list system primarily and don’t really accept reservations unless big parties. Hence, the lines. Fancier places will laugh at you if you want to try to walk in with no reservation. So, if anything the lines is a testament to how good it is right? I mean, there are thousands of restaurant alternatives in the Fab 7x7 right? Agreed, you yourself wouldn’t wait 1 sec for food. Well, some people are willing to wait an hour or more for some chicken wings. Some crazy enough to fly in from Seattle supposedly for some dry fried chicken wings.


Here, this should quiet even our Fearless Leader. Dragon Beaux is four stars. Wanna tell @harriet that her place sucks??? (LOL)


Who said anything about money? Looks like you still don’t get it. You are incurable (in a good way).


I have always said that I am the luckiest guy in the world, when it comes to meeting my lovely wife. Not only is she great at getting better tables at restaurants or seats at a show she can cook up a storm (my tummy is starting to show it). But the fact is, I have always dated pretty girls. My sisters thought for sure I would marry a white girl since I am so Americanized yet have that good old Chinese side in me. I was born in the wrong era…


What surprised me is what take you so long to get married? You’ve been dating for more than 2 decades. Did you tested each gf, only your wife refuse to give it to you till marriage? Why didn’t you marry one of those pretty women?


Shyness and being poor are traits that will doom anyone. Think about what the power of money has done for you. Are you not 10 ft tall and pretty much unstoppable these days regardless of how old and short you may actually be?

I was very shy growing up and it continued well after college. While I love UCLA, it was a humbling experience going to a school like that (which is maybe why I worship the school so much). Everyone is pretty or good looking and everyone has money. My buddy’s daughter who just finished her first year there said exactly that to her Dad. Dad, all of the boys are sooooo good looking. Then the money… I learned about Palo Verdes Estates and Pacific Palisades. There was a coed that lived in the dorm building across from where I lived and she was honestly picked up by a limo every weekend. I, of course, blame the shyness on my classic chinese upbringing. Very strict and demanding parents.

My lil sister and I shared one year at Lowell and she was pretty enough back then that she was a cheerleader. She would make fun of me always because I never got the clue. She would go, uh, she likes you, you know. I would go, what? This actually happened on a Hawaii trip with a bunch of my friends when we were in our 20s. We were in a hotel lounge having drinks and the cute asian/hawaiian barista comes to our table of both women and men and chats with us for a spell. She was standing by my left side and then suddenly she starts stroking my left arm. I freaked out and froze! I didn’t know what to do. I started thinking uh maybe she thinks it is the chair that she is stroking. My guy friends were dying. To this day, I still believe she thought it was the chair that she was stroking. Once I got some money in my pocket and frankly some good old work and world experience is when I lost a lot of my shyness and became more daring. Speaking in public and just working with strangers def helped me overcome a lot. But the power of money is key I feel. Come on, if you are down to your last $10 how daring are you at the blackjack table? Different story when you have thousands, right?


I just died too :joy_cat:


Hey, I was naive…


@sfdragonboy that is a very typical 1st Generation Chinese immigrant behavior. Even these days when I was dropping off one of my kids to elementary school and observed that some recent immigrant Chinese kids were “super shy” and doesn’t know how to respond to when the teacher asks “Hi, how are you doing?” The kid just stared at the floor and “quiet”…


That is why you parents need to pull the phones and computers from the kids!!! They need to talk to every stranger that come through that front door. If they don’t, no phone, no computer for two weeks, each offensive. We can’t have our sons and daughters (well, you guys can’t) be missing out on some very cute potential partners!!!


ahem… no worries kids date via apps now @sfdragonboy


But socializing in person is much better and I find it way more fun flirtatious-wise when two consenting adults want to play. For example, when a very cute rental applicant goes kiddingly, “So, what kind of song and dance do I need to do to get this apartment?” I will have a better and quick witted answer next time. Staying within the guardrails, of course, at all times…


You guys were so shy. I was in a singing contest in grade school.


Wow, impressive. You mean, your parents didn’t make you concentrate on either piano, ice skating, violin or math (not necessarily in that order)???


My parents were poor, remember? Ain’t got no money for extracurricular activities or after school tutoring.