You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Sorry, forgot about that, Ms Bimmer…


Ok, now that I have tried quinoa, it may be time to say sayonara to rice!!! Quinoa is not bad and actually pretty good for you. Anybody else making the move to quinoa or brown rice (not bad too)???


Quinoa is no rice. Can you imagine eating curry beef brisket on quinoa instead of rice? C’mon!


we mix quinoa with rice.


Actually, it is pretty good! I can certainly mix it with many meat dishes.

It didn’t take me long to adjust to brown rice too, and since both are healthier, out goes the white rice for good!!! Time to hit Costco for a huge bag of it…


Costco has a brown rice quinoa blend


Are you a fan as well???


My wife tries to force on me. I prefer Rice a Roni :sunglasses:


I switched to brown rice years ago. It tastes pretty good especially if you cook it in one of those Japanese rice cookers with brown rice mode.


Still not a huge fan of the brown rice and it takes too long to cook. Some people mix white and brown.


You mean, than San Francisco treat???


Yes. I mix it with 50/50 white rice. Love it especially pilaf


Really? I was concerned too (hearing a lot of people don’t like it) but it is pretty good. Yes, harder but rice is rice to me…


I’d have to take away your chinese badge. :triumph:


Brown rice refers to 糙米 or 紫米?


Pesticides could remain on brown rice, can be hazardous


糙米. 紫米 is purple rice.


My little cousin worked there one summer as a struggling college student and she said the owner was cheap as all get out. What that has to do with the food is precisely nothing, but that’s just what I think about when I hear this restaurant’s name. I see my cousin’s face twisted in that acrimonious manner, lamenting about the owner’s cheapness. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Totally agree. If a Chinese restaurant has 4.5 or 5 stars on Yelp then something is seriously wrong. Either the food is too homogenized or the wrong people are eating it. And I grew up in the States.


Agree – I hate lines. My own cooking is decent but its not as good as top restaurants, not by a long shot. So I just time shift. Ever since we had kids, we started eating dinner at 5pm, and now waiting in line is a rarity.