You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


What’chu talking’ about Willis? What do you mean give up rice? Those are fighting words. I enjoy quinoa, especially when they are soaking up juices from pan-cooked chicken thighs, but quinoa is not rice. I eat less rice than I did before, but rice is still sacred! Pay respect to the rice right now!!!

In this household we eat two –

a) Short grain - we prefer Tamanashiki Gold. The best we have found — even better than the Tamaki-Gold-brand. packed in nitrogen filled bags. We buy the 15 lbs bags from Nijiya or Kukje when on sale.

b) Jasmine - Golden Elephant Brand Rice. We buy from New May Wah.


Man, not you…Fearless Leader yes, but not reasonable and level-headed you…

All I can say is, these establishments I believe you have gone to and raved about:

  1. Mister Jiu’s - 4 stars
  2. 8 Tables by George Chen - wow 5 stars
  3. Dragon Beaux - 4 stars

I guess these places are all terrible and not worthy of their lofty ratings…


I like DB and MJ, but I have never been to 8 tables…


For Chinese restaurants, I usually look at number of ratings rather than the ratings itself. If the ratings is > 4 usually means that is geared towards white ppl and they charge american restaurant prices.


No doubt the high end stuff is not normal Chinese fare that we all grew up with and enjoy. I will give anyone that. But to insist that essentially a B+ is greater than a A or that a 700 credit score is better than 800 is ridiculous and embarrassing to say the least coming from our Fearless Leader of all people. Come on, people, we have our integrity at stake here. A newbie coming on here and seeking help/assurance/solid advice will quickly run away to Reddit or some other place…


Let me interject some more subtlety in Manch’s argument —

If you grew up in an ethnically Chinese environment eating foods representative of the culture, then you have certain expectations of restaurants serving the cuisine. This is a very complex expectation, and it would be foolhardy to try and capture that expectation with simple one-word adjectives — nevertheless, let’s agree that you would have certain expectations.

Now, if you look at a restaurant on yelp that serves this cuisine, a yelp rating of 4.5 or 5.0 is CAUSE FOR CONCERN. That restaurant will likely not meet your expectation. More often than not, it means the clientele they serve is very well heeled and not familiar with the cuisine that you are intimately familiar with ---- and again a 4.5 or a 5.0 is a CAUSE FOR CONCERN. The food itself may actually be FANTASTIC and SUPERLATIVE standing on its own — but it just doesn’t match that expectation.

Now, if you look at a restaurant on yelp that serves this cuisine and a yelp rating is 3.5, then that DOES NOT mean the food is better — it just means that you are more able to identify the clientele that the restaurant is targeting ---- and that the restaurant MOST LIKELY does not target the clientele that goes gaga over the 5.0 star restaurant.


5 star restaurants are set up to disappoint. If you are the best and expensive people will knock them every time. Besides many try to push the envelope so they don’t serve “authentic” cuisine


What you say is fair, but like I told a misinformed millennial, Yelp will only work if you and others rate accordingly so that the review “system” works. If you liked or disliked a place, and never put in a review, how is the public supposed to get any useful information from your experience? They won’t. Not rating at all or rating lower than your experience is only going to harm the restaurant. I would be crazy (or a Yelp stockholder) if I went overboard and insisted that there is no fraud in the reviews. Most users really try to be objective and informative with their reviews. I know I try my best, and not all of my Yelp reviews are 5 stars…


a lot of people do not put review on yelp if everything goes well
most of the time they spend their own time and write review cuz they’re pissed.


I never review restaurants I like. I don’t want anyone, except on this forum, to go there and make it crowded.


Very true. So why is it so hard for you people to believe that some people honestly take the time and effort to do a good review because, well, they really enjoyed it and want to share that experience with everyone? Not everyone has a bone to pick you know. Just like I try each morning to bring content to you guys. Do I get paid for it? Absolutely not. The gratification I get is that you “liked it” or actually say hey that was useful Dragonboy. Yelp Rocks!!!


You sound like a millennial :sunglasses:


I’'ll take the years, not the moniker…


Wait you are on Yelp? So if we search for 5 star reviews on San Tung we’ll be able to find you? :slight_smile:


I never give 5 stars. Give 4 and they will try harder. Give em 5 and they will get crowded and raise their prices


Actually, I did not do a review for San Tung (OMG, really???). I don’t have anything to add to perfection…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


S- you give them a bad review. Call the health department and scare away half the customers so you don’t have to wait in line


The fact is, they did get a low health score awhile ago and the lines got longer…


Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna go to your steakhouse in Elko.


I should make a note. Follow elt1 for good nonchinese food.