You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Toilet seat size steaks? Pass.


To share.


I don’t eat toilet sized steaks. I just enjoy shocking people with colorful language…I actually had prawns at the Star Hotel some of the best I have ever eaten…

We have such great variety of foods here, there is a whole wide world of food besides Chinese food…And of course it will never be as good as in the homeland.

I just heard about another great Basque restaurant in Gardenerville…JTs

Recommended by a Basque guy who is a Oakland police captain…Authentic historic Basque…He recommended the lamb

Plus it is incredibly cheap


Come on, who is up for the challenge? We fly in, do the deed, and fly back… I honesty think I can do it…


I like Hunan Garden in SLT. All you can eat buffet.
4 stars on Yelp. Great garlic string beans. $8 lunch $12 dinner. Best deal in Tahoe


Actually you have to get there at 5pm when they open . No reservations and up to a two hour wait every night. They make big money at the bar with people waiting. The first time I went at 5:30 . The place was full. We went to an Italian place next door. Mediocre. No longer in business.


Even better, we fly in early, go look at a few investment properties then go for the challenge. Tax deductible trip, no???


Meet me at JTs. The Bunny Ranch isn’t far away:laughing:



I suppose I might want to pull out my semi automatic rifles with bump stocks if I found my leftover San Tung chicken wings all gone too…



Trader Joe’s frozen food selections are not bad. Their potstickers are way better than those disgusting Ling Ling brands you find at Costco.


My wife likes TJ’s potstickers but I find them so-so.


TJ’s XLB is made with chicken instead of pork. What? Come again? Ok I will give it a shot next time. But I am skeptical.


What’s wrong with Ling Lings? The potstickers at TJs went downhill. The wrappers are way too thin now.


The smell is gross. There’s a reason why it’s always on sale.



Yes, let’s head to Sin City for some Chinese food…


Sounds good. I’m going to try it and report back.


There goes @harriet’s fav again…