You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


I don’t order XLBs at DB:

  1. not a fan of XLB and
  2. the colors are too gimmicky


Everything is Crazy Rich Asians this week my friends!!!

Ok, yes Singaporean food but same results. These are the two renowned hawker food stands in Singapore that are good enough to have earned Michelin stars. Both, 4 stars. (Bok, bok, bitch!!!)

Couldn’t find the second stall, but this one may be related. Long lines as usual and 4 solid stars!!!


I think you are getting crazier and crazier from watching the movie…


It’s blowing up!!! You know it is serious when your very own Chris Pratt goes to see it and thinks it is the best movie he’s seen in a long time!!!


You know he won’t let you go until you admit seeing and liking the movie.


Come on, I fully expect Ms. Millennial to have something negative to say about the hit movie…


Him complimenting the movie is like Trump feeling sorry for minorities. Liking his movies is one thing, but let’s be objective here. It’s all for publicity.


Chris to his agent: Get me in on the sequel to CRA at all costs!!! I will work for an order of beef chow fun. Just make me a token husband of one the gals…






Fake news :angry: VIP is still open; I went there today.


How is it? I saw it has my favorite number of stars on yelp.


It’s decent; the only eatery I go to in Chinatown. I like their 乾炒牛河, not too oily.


Great! I always avoided eating Chinese food in Chinatown. Now i know I have at least one option.


You are right! Sorry, I haven’t been to Chinatown for years. I know the old owner sold the business many years ago.

Do you know if the current VIP owner is related to the family? The food from its Yelp pictures look good! May be I should go there and give it a try.


No idea, but as far as I can tell everything still tastes the same and the crew hasn’t changed in years. Sometimes I see this old man who appears to be the owner popping in and out.


Guys, I am looking for some authentic curry beef briskets. Which shop has the best?

I tried the milk tea at Cafe Orchid the other day. A little too sweet and tea not strong enough.


I never order that at restaurants. My mom makes better curry.


Did you learn her curry recipe?